Top 10 Reasons to be a Chem Major

  1. Supportive faculty encourage students to pursue their interests in chemistry and beyond.
  2. Majors-only chemistry classes allow for smaller class sizes and more interaction with professors.
  3. Upperclassmen mentor incoming students to help welcome them into our chemistry 'family'.
  4. Undergraduate research opportunities at Villanova give students the ability to work in all fields of chemistry year-round.
  5. Weekly chemistry seminars provide information about future career opportunities and current research topics.
  6. Students gain hands-on experience with state of the art instrumentation such as our X-ray diffractometer and mass spectrometers.
  7. Villanova's BS/MS program allows students to gain an advanced degree in only five years.
  8. Student-run Villanova Chemistry Society (VCS) sponsors many extracurricular activities including bowling, paintball, poker tournaments, and socials.
  9. VCS supports Villanova and the surrounding community by participating in volunteer activities such as Special Olympics, home school science fairs, and much more.
  10. Chemistry majors study lounge provides free printing and a place for majors to work together as well as relax.