Requirements for BS in Chemistry

Our B.S. degree in Chemistry is accredited by the American Chemical Society, which requires significant coursework in all of the traditional subdisciplines of chemistry along with extensive laboratory experience. To complete the B.S. degree in Chemistry, the following chemistry courses are required:

  • Two semesters of Inorganic Chemistry with lab
  • Two semesters of Analytical/Instrumental Chemistry with lab
  • Two semesters of Organic Chemistry with lab
  • Two semesters of Physical Chemistry with lab
  • One semester of Biochemistry
  • Two elective chemistry courses (one with lab)

In addition, two semesters of Physics with lab and two semesters of Calculus are also required for the degree.

Villanova is proud of its history of being a university with a strong liberal arts program. For graduation you will need 51 credit hours of liberal arts courses. One year of a foreign language at the intermediate level is required. It is also possible to take two semesters of an intensive language course in Chinese, Japanese, Arabic or ancient Greek. This intensive language option requires that you take two 6 credit courses. In addition, there are distribution (secondary) requirements along with the course requirements; i.e., writing intensive, writing enriched, diversity and integrative sequence.

When choosing an advanced liberal arts course, care must be exercised to select courses that fulfill these distribution requirements. The Master Schedule that you will receive prior to registration denotes all the courses that fulfill these secondary requirements. For example, Chemistry Research (CHM 4801, 4802, 4803) and Biochemistry Laboratory (CHM 4603) are writing enriched courses. Women in Literature (ENG 2300) satisfies the advanced requirement in English, is writing enriched and also fulfills a diversity requirement. A complete presentation of these distribution requirements is in the Enchiridion.

Villanova Liberal Arts

Villanova is proud of its history of being a university with a strong liberal arts program. This program ensures that all students, regardless of major, receive a well-rounded education.

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