Undergraduate Programs

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Villanova University and the Department of Chemistry strongly support a vision of its faculty as "teacher-scholars".  For the Chemistry faculty, this means not just engaging in the traditional educational functions such as the classroom setting and the instructional lab, but also being active in research.  This allows the faculty to use current methods and instrumentation in Chemistry and related fields.   These experiences impact the classroom setting and the instructional lab as faculty share their experiences with students

Students are also strongly encouraged to be actively engaged in research themselves and to become student-scholars.  Faculty play a role in the research process as teachers, mentors, and co-investigators, while students gain useful experiences with respect to modern instrumentation and methods in research and the practice of science.

We invite you to explore these opportunities at Villanova!

The Department of Chemistry offers four undergraduate different degree programs to meet the educational goals of our students, B.S. in Chemistry, a B.S. in Chemistry Biochemistry Option, a B.S. in Biochemistry offered jointly with the Department of Biology, and a Minor in Chemistry.  There is also a 5-year BS/MS program for intereseted students.

The BS in Chemistry is fully approved by the American Chemical Society and gives students a comprehensive, broadly based training in Chemistry. Chemistry majors take courses specifically designed for them starting their first year.  These classes are small and are not part of the curriculum for other science majors.  This ensures that chemistry majors get close attention from the Chemistry faculty early in their college careers and are learning material that is most important for them to succeed as chemists in the future.  Completion of the Chemistry degree will prepare you for graduate study in Chemistry, or for a career as a chemist in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry.

B.S. in Chemistry, Biochemistry Option is also fully approved by the American Chemical Society and includes all of the courses and training in the Chemistry program with additional courses and laboratories in Biology and Biochemistry. Students who complete this very rigorous program are very well prepared for graduate programs in chemistry or biochemistry. In addition, the Biochemistry option provides a rigorous and complete training for future studies in Medicine, Dentistry, or Veterinary Science.

The B.S. in Biochemistry Undergraduate Program is ideal for the student who wishes to pursue an interdisciplinary degree with extensive study in both Chemistry and Biology. It has been accredited by American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. With training in biochemistry, analytical chemistry, molecular biology and genetics, this degree is also an excellent preparation for medical school or graduate work in the health sciences. It also prepares students for graduate study or employment in forensic science or pharmaceutical chemistry.

The Minor in Chemistry is commonly pursued by Biology or Chemical Engineering majors who wish to add additional training in Chemistry to supplement their chosen major.  Others who pursue the minor may be interested in medical or dental school, as the majority of courses required for the minor are also required for admission into schools in the health sciences.

Villanova Chemistry at a Glance:

Degrees Offered: B.S., M.S.
Full Time Faculty: 27
Undergraduate Majors: 150
Graduate Students: 25 full-time, 35 part-time
Building: Mendel Science Center houses research and instructional facilities for 6 scientific departments, including 17 chemistry research labs, as well as an array of modern instrumentation