Graduate Program in Chemistry

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The Graduate Program in Chemistry at Villanova is designed to accommodate both the working professional and the full-time student. Graduate classes are taught by both full-time Villanova faculty and adjunct faculty from local industries who are expert in their field.

  • Chemists and biochemists employed in local industry can easily take advantage of our evening classes. Working professionals can apply their work experience in lieu of a formal thesis.
  • The Master's program provides an excellent classroom and research experience to the full-time student who is looking for extensive research training. Students complete a thesis project under the direction of a research faculty member in the Chemistry Department.  Villanova graduates who have completed a thesis are very competitive candidates for positions in the extensive local chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Some graduates also enter PhD programs in Chemistry. Learn more about alumni success here.

The Graduate Program in the Department of Chemistry strives to prepare students to be capable and independent chemists in positions of industrial, government, or academic environments; this includes the preparation of students for further graduate studies.  The Program will provide 1) a variety of high-quality graduate-level courses, representing all areas of chemistry and biochemistry, 2) hands-on use and training on modern instrumentation, and 3) guided research opportunities and teaching experience through assistantships for students who pursue a thesis-track MS degree in chemistry.

Goal 1: Provide an advanced treatment of chemical principles and in-depth study of chemistry, biochemistry, and related areas, such that students achieve mastery of chemical content beyond their baseline knowledge.

Specific Objectives

•Students will demonstrate comprehensive understanding of chemical principles and research in at least two of the five traditional areas of chemistry: Analytical, Biochemistry, Inorganic, Organic, and Physical.

•Students will be able to make connections between the chemical disciplines as applied to special topics and interdisciplinary chemical problems.

•Masters of Science – Non-Thesis Option: Students will complete additional coursework to support intellectual development as pertinent to their chemistry-related careers.

Goal 2: Develop student skills, including: problem-solving, chemical literature evaluation, written and spoken communications.

Specific Objectives

•Students will be able to address complex scientific problems, critically examine relevant chemical literature, and effectively communicate current viewpoints and potential solutions in both written and spoken form.

•Students will complete oral presentations and/or written research projects during the course of their classwork.

Goal 3: Provide thesis students with cutting edge, independent research experiences as well as opportunities for students to demonstrate significant contributions to a research program or chemistry-related career.

Specific Objectives

•Masters of Science – Thesis Option:  Students will conduct independent research projects culminating in a written thesis and public thesis defense.

•Masters of Science – Thesis Option:  Students will demonstrate adequate research progress at the midpoint their programs through presentation and defense of a progress seminar.

•Masters of Science – Thesis Option:  Students will contribute to dissemination of their research through talks or poster presentations at research conferences, contributions to peer reviewed research manuscripts, and/or proposals seeking external grant funding.

Goal 4: Provide students with the opportunity to work with faculty members to develop teaching skills and enhance the learning environment for our undergraduate students.

Specific Objectives

•Teaching fellows will serve as teaching assistants in hands-on laboratory classes under the direct supervision of faculty members.

•As possible, part-time students will also be afforded the opportunity to be teaching assistants.

Policies and Procedures

Prospective students frequently have questions about financing, our location, student life, our Career Center, as well as the application process.

Additional information on these topics is highlighted on the pages of the Office of Graduate Studies and the videos below. Also, do not hesitate to contact the department or to visit us on campus for a tour or an Open House.

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Graduate Program Contact

Daniel Kraut, PhD
Director, Chemistry Graduate Program
Associate Professor, Biochemistry

Villanova University
Mendel Hall, Room 214D
800 Lancaster Ave.
Villanova, PA 19085
(610) 519-3910