Department of Chemistry

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The Department of Chemistry at Villanova University, near Philadelphia, offers masters and bachelors degrees, including an American Chemical Society accredited degree program for undergraduates.  Our faculty actively conduct research in diverse areas such as nanotechnology, environmental chemistry, natural product synthesis, catalysis, biochemistry, evolution, and computational chemistry. We recognize that undergraduate research provides a unique opportunity to work closely alongside a faculty mentor gaining an experience that extends far beyond typical classroom learning, and we encourage all undergraduates to participate in undergraduate research.

student award winners

The Department of Chemistry would like to congratulate all of the 2016 Department of Chemistry Student award winners (From left to right:  Anthony Ianetta, Nicholas Janigian, Jani Swaitek, Jake Prus, Anna Briker, Lawson Wilkinson, Celina Santiago, Ryan Allen, Carina Fairfield, Rishi Chauhan, Daniel Zuschlag.) and all of the 2016 Villanova graduates.

Congratulations to all!


Villanova Chemistry at a Glance:

Degrees Offered: B.S., M.S.
Full Time Faculty: 25
Undergraduate Majors: 150
Graduate Students: 25
Equipment: an array of modern instrumentation for conducting research and instructional facilities
Building: Mendel Science Center houses research and instructional facilities for 6 scientific departments, including 17 chemistry research labs

Directions to Mendel Science Center