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Resources & Opportunities

JMP is a statistical software package licensed to the Department of Biology.  Access the software and instructions here (login with your VU username and password when prompted).

Raven Lite is a research and teaching tool used for acoustic signals (available on both PC and Mac). It can be downloaded here.
You will need to complete the Raven Lite License Registration Form and a registration serial number will be emailed to you (you will be asked for this the 1st time the software is run).

Bio Pac (A&P Lab)
Bio Pac is a software package (and set of drivers) for the A&P labs for connecting to the Biopac devices. It is licensed to the Department of Biology.
Contact CLAS IT for installation.

Alpha View 

Alpha View is a software package for annotation and analysis of images. It is licensed to the Department of Biology.  It can be found on vDesktop.


Zotero is a database program for managing bibliographic citations and is supported by Falvey Library.

Software available in Mendel 141
Additional Software packages are available in the Biology computer lab located in Mendel 141: Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adobe Acrobat Professional, SPSS, Sigma Plot

ChemTracker                                                                               ChemTracker is a chemical inventory database used by the entire university to keep an accurate recordof all chemicals on campus.  You must have a username and password to access this software. Please contact Lindsay Bair for more information

MSDSonline is a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) database which holds accurate information about thousands of chemicals.  This link may be accessed anywhere on Villanova's campus.

* Chemical Hygiene Plan 2014.doc
Chemical Hygiene Plan
* Emergency Spill Procedures.doc
Emergency Spill Procedures
* Bio Dept SafetySecurity guidelines.doc
Bio Dept Safety and Security Guidelines