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Due to COVID19 restrictions,  all seminars this Fall will take place via ZOOM on Thursdays from 3:55 to 5:00 PM   Full schedule with additional information and recordings of each seminar are available at the link below: 

Villanova Department of Biology Spring 2021 Seminar Schedule and Recordings

  SPRING     2021      SEMESTER  
Feb. 4 Speaker:  Dr. David Krause
Institution:   University of Wisconsin, Madison

Seminar title: Probing yeast ecology with genomics and genetics
Host –  Dr. Dana Opulente
Feb. 18
Speaker:  TBA
Mar. 4
Speaker:  Dr. Emme Bruns
:  University of Maryland

Seminar title:  Disease ecology and evolution
Host - Dr. Adam Langley
Mar. 18
Speaker:   Dr. Joel McGlothlin
Institution:  Virginia Tech University  
Seminar title:  The role of sodium channel genes in arms races between toxic newts and resistent snakes
Host –  Dr. Todd Jackman    
Apr. 1
Speaker:   Dr. Aishwarya Korgaonkar
Institution:   Janelia Research Campus
Seminar title:  Genetics of Gall formation and the evolution of new genes
Host - Dr Troy Shirangi
Apr. 15
Speaker: Dr. Erica Korb 
University of Pennsylvania
Seminar title: Neuroscience and Epigenetics
Host - Dr. Angela DiBenedetto
Apr. 22
Earth Day Keynote Talk
Speaker: Dr. Katharine Hayhoe

Institution: Texas Tech University
N.B.     Time: 5:30 PM 

Seminar title:
 Christians, Climate, and our Culture in the U.S. 
Webinar Registration Required
Apr. 29
Speaker:  Dr. Emily Liman
Institution: University of Southern California
Seminar title:  Sour Taste Perception
Host - Dr. Todd Jackman