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Due to COVID19 restrictions,  all seminars this Fall will take place via ZOOM on Thursdays from 3:55 to 5:00 PM   Full schedule with additional information and recordings of each seminar are available at the link below: 

Villanova Department of Biology Fall 2020 Seminar Schedule and Recordings

  FALL     2020      SEMESTER  
Sept. 3
Speaker:  Dr. Edward Stanley
Institution:   University of Florida

Seminar title: The inside story: How 3D imaging is revolutionizing natural history collections in the 21st Century
Host –  Dr. Todd Jackman
Sept. 17

  Dr. Adam Mitchell
:  Tarleton State University

Seminar title: Invasional meltdown: A restructuring of plant-arthropod relationships across prairie and scrub landscapes following plant invasion
Host - Dr. Samantha Chapman
Oct. 1 Speaker:   Dr. Cara Brand
Institution:  University of Pennslyvania
Seminar title:  Evolution at a meiosis gene mediates species differences in recombination
Host –  Dr. Todd Jackman    
Oct. 15
Speaker:   Dr.  Pascale Guiton
Institution:   California State University East Bay
Seminar title:  
Host –  Dr. Megan Povelones                              
Oct. 29
Speaker:  Dr. Tim Mosca
Institution: Thomas Jefferson University
Seminar title: Neurodevelopment and neurodegeneration: two sides of the same coin?
Host - Dr. Troy Shirangi
Nov. 12 Speaker:  Dr. Abigail Leavitt LaBella
Institution: Vanderbilt University
Seminar title:  
Host - Dr. Dana Opulente