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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Honors program affect my registration?

Students in the Honors Program usually register their honors courses before visiting their advisor in Biology. The remainder of the courses are then fitted around the existing schedule.

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How should I investigate doing a minor or a concentration?

Student with advanced placement credit will have a degree of flexibility in their schedules in their freshman year. Other Biology students will enjoy some scheduling flexibility beginning in their sophomore year. This is the time to think about other areas in which you may have interest and take a course in that area. You would be wise to take at least two courses in your area of interest before thinking about registering for a minor or concentration.
Talk to your advisor, go to that department's web site. and go to the departmental office to gather information about the requirements for the minor and concentration.

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How do I get information about studying abroad?

Villanova maintains an office for international studies on campus. Talk to your advisor about the type of courses you aim to take while you are abroad. For example, a minor in a language may be facilitated by studying in that country.

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What is the best semester to study abroad?

Students are advised to schedule their trip so that it does not coincide with any tests for graduate or professional schools.
If you are a Biology major, you should appreciate that if you take no science courses while you are abroad, you must take these courses before you leave or after you return.

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How do I go about getting an internship?

Villanova maintains an internship office on campus. Talk to your advisor about the type of work you will do and whether it will be suitable for internship credit.

In general, the internship program is available to Biology students who have completed their sophomore year with a 3.0 GPA.

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What kind of work qualifies as an internship, and how much academic credit will I get?

After discussing the nature of the internship with your advisor, you should first go to the internship office and then consult with the Chair or the Assistant Chair of Biology to determine whether the proposed work will qualify for the internship program and how many academic credits you will receive.

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Can I take graduate courses?

Courses numbered 7000 and above are considered graduate courses. Undergraduates may take these courses under the following GPA stipulations:

Course level Minimum GPA
7000 Junior: >= 3.4
  Senior: >=3.0
8000 Limited to seniors
with GPA >= 3.8

Undergraduates can register for graduate courses only after obtaining appropriate signatures on an approval card, available in the Biology office.

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