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Research and Educational Publications From the CBEST Research Groups

This list includes publications made by CBEST leadership and student members.  This list is ordered by publication year with CBEST members in bold. 



2020.  Agarwal, I., Bauer, A.M., Khandekar, A. 2020. A new species of South Asian Cnemaspis (Squamata: Gekkonidae) from the Eastern Ghats, India. Zootaxa. 4802:449–462.

2020.  Agarwal, I., Bauer, A.M., Pal., S., Srikanthan, A.N., Khandekar, A. 2020. Two more new Hemiphyllodactylus Bleeker, 1860 (Squamata: Gekkonidae) from Tamil Nadu, India. Zootaxa. 4729:249–265.

2020.  Bernstein, J.M., Bauer, A.M., McGuire, J.M., Arida, E., Kaiser, H., Kieckbusch, M., Mecke, S. 2020. Molecular phylogeny of Asian pipesnakes, genus Cylindrophis Wagler, 1828 (Squamata: Cylindrophiidae), with the description of a new species from Myanmar. Zootaxa. 4851:535–558.

2020. Ceríaco, L.M.P., Agarwal, I., Marques, M.P., Bauer, A.M. 2020. A review of the genus Hemidactylus Goldfuss, 1820 (Squamata: Gekkonidae) from Angola, with the description of two new species. Zootaxa. 4746(1): 1–71. DOI:10.11646/zootaxa.47461.1

2020. Ceríaco, L.M.P., Heinicke, M.P., Parker, K.L., Marquez, M.P., Bauer, A.M.  2020.  A review of the African snake-eyed skinks (Scincidae: Panaspis) from Angola, with the description of a new species. Zootaxa. 4747(1):77-112.

2020.  Ceríaco, L.M.P., Agarwal, I., Marques, M.P., Bauer, A.M. 2020. A correction to a recent review of the genus Hemidactylus Goldfuss, 1820 (Squamata: Gekkonidae) from Angola, with the description of two additional species. Zootaxa. 4861:092-106.

2020.  Ceríaco, L.M.P., Marques, M.P., Bauer, A.M. 2020. The bush vipers, genus Atheris Cope, 1862 (Squamata: Viperidae) of Bioko Island, Gulf of Guinea, with the description of a new species. Zootaxa. 4838:581–593. DOI:10.11646/zootaxa.4838.4.9

2020. Ceríaco, L.M.P., Tolley, K.A., Marques, M.P., Heinicke, M.P., Bauer, A.M. 2020. A dwarf among giants: phylogenetic position of the elusive Angolan Adder (Bitis heraldica) and biogeographic affinities of Angolan Afromontane regions. African Journal of Herpetology. 69:108-118, DOI: 10.1080/21564574.2020.1782484

2020.  Colston, T.J., Pyron, R.A., Bauer, A.M. 2020. A new species of African snake-eyed skink (Scincidae: Panapsis) from Ethiopia. Zootaxa. 4779: 190–200.

2020. Davis, H.R., Chan, K.O., Das, I., Brennan, I.G., Karin, B.R., Jackman, T.R., Brown, R.M., Iskandar, D.T., Nashriq, I, Grismer, L.L., Bauer, A.M.   2020.  Multilocus phylogeny of Bornean Bent-Toed geckos (Gekkonidae: Cyrtodactylus) reaveals hidden diversity, taxonomic disarray, and novel biogeographic patterns. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. 147.

2020. Daza, J.D., Stanley, E.L., Bolet, A., Bauer, A.M., Arias, J.S., Cernasnsky, A., Bevitt, J.J., Wagner, P, Evans, S. 2020. Enigmatic amphibians in mid-Cretaceous amber were chameleon-like ballistic feeders. Science. 370: 687-691 DOI:10.1126/science.abb605

2020. Elmore, J.A., Hager, S.B., Cosentino, B.J., O’Connell, T.J., Riding, C.S., Anderson, M.L.,  Bakermans, M.H., Boves, T.J.,  Brandes, D.,  Butler, E.M., Butler, M.W., Cagle, N. L.,  Calderón‐Parra, R., Capparella, A.P.,  Chen, A., Conkey, A.A.T., Contreras, T.A.,  Cooper, R.I., Corbin, C.E.,  Curry, R.L., Dosch, J.J, Dyson, K.L., Fraser, E.E., Furbush, R.A., Hagemeyer, N.D.G.,  Hopfensperger, K.N., Klem, D., Lago, E.A., Lahey, A.S., Machtans, C S., Madosky, J. M., Maness, T.J., McKay, K.J., Menke, S.B.,  Ocampo‐Peñuela, N.,  Ortega‐Álvarez, R., Pitt, A. L., Puga‐Caballero, A.,  Quinn, J.E., Roth, A.M., Schmitz, R.T., Schnurr, J.L., Simmons, M.E., Smith, A.D.,  Varian‐Ramos, C.W.,  Walters, E.L., Walters, L.A., Weir, J.T.,  Winnett‐Murray, K., Zuria, I., Vigliotti, J., Loss, S.R. 2020. Correlates of bird collisions with buildings across three North American countries. Conservation Biology.

2020.  Glynne, E., Daza, J.D., Bauer, A.M. 2020. Surface sculpturing in the skull of gecko lizards. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society.

2020. Griffing, A.H., Gamble, T., Bauer, A.M.  2020.  Distinct patterns of pigment development underlie convergent hyperpigmentation between nocturnal and diurnal geckos (Squamata: Gekkota). BMC Evol Biol. 20, 40.

2020.  Hallermann, J., Ceríaco, L.M.P., Schmitz, A., Ernst, R., Conradie, W., Verburgt, L., Marques, M.P., Bauer, A.M. 2020. A review of the Angolan House snakes, genus Boaedon Duméril, Bibron and Duméril (1854) (Serpentes: Lamprophiidae), with description of three new species in the Boaedon fuliginosus (Boie, 1827) species complex. African Journal of Herpetology. 69:29-78, DOI:10.1080/21564574.2020.1777470

2020.  Hayes, M., Chapman, S., Jesse, A., O'Brien, E., Langley, A., Bardou, R., Devaney, J., Parker, J., Cavanaugh, K.C.  2020.  Foliar water uptake by coastal wetland plants: a novel water acquisition mechanism in arid and humid subtropical mangroves.  Journal of Ecology.  Doi:10.1111/1365-2745.13398

2020.  Heinicke, M.P., Titus-McQuillan, Daza, J.D., Kull, E.M., Stanley, E.L., Bauer, A.M. 2020. Phylogeny and evolution of unique skull morphologies in dietary specialist African shovel-snouted snakes (Lamprophiidae: Prosymna). Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. 131:136–153. DOI: 10.1093/biolinnean/blaa076

2020.  Marques, M.P., Ceríaco, L.M.P., Buehler, M.D., Bandeira, S., Janota, J.M., Bauer, A.M. 2020. A revision of the dwarf geckos, genus Lygodactylus (Squamata: Gekkonidae), from Angola, with the description of three new species. Zootaxa. 4853:301–352.

2020.  Meiri, S., Avila, L., Bauer, A.M., Chapple, D.G., Das, I., Doan, T.M., Doughty, P., Ellis, R., Grismer, L., Kraus, F., Morando, M., Oliver, P., Pincheira-Donoso, D., Ribeiro-Junior, M.A., Shea, G., Torres-Carvajal, O., Slavenko, A. 2020. The global diversity and distribution of lizard clutch sizes. Global Ecology and Biogeography. 29:1515-1530 DOI: 10.1111/geb.13124

2020. Nielsen, S.V., Conradie, W., Ceríaco, L.M.P., Bauer, A.M., Heinicke, M.P., Stanley, E.L., Blackburn., D.C. 2020. A new species of Rain Frog (Brevicipitidae, Breviceps) endemic to Angola. ZooKeys. 979: 133–160. DOI: 10.3897/zookeys.979.56863

2020. Pacheco, M.A., Ceríaco, L.M.P., Matta, N.E., Vargas-Ramírez, M., Bauer, A.M., Escalante, A.A. 2020. A phylogenetic study of Haemocystidium parasites and other Haemosporida using complete mitochondrial genome sequences. Infection, Genetics and Evolution. 85 (2020) 104576 DOI: 10.1016/j.meegid.2020.104576

2020. Sadlier, R.A., Bauer, A.M., Wood, Jr., P.L., Jackman, T.R. 2020. Massif speciation events in New Caledonian lizards: Diversification in the genus Marmorosphax (Scincidae) tracks isolation on the island’s ultramafic surfaces. Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences. 66:353–379.

2020. Vitt, D.H., House, M., Kitchen, S., Wieder, R.K. 2020.  A protocol for monitoring plant responses to changing nitrogen deposition regimes in AlbertaEnvironmental Monitoring and Assessment. DOI:10.1007/s10661-020-08645-z

2020. Wagner, D. N., Curry, R.L., Chen, N., Lovette, I.J., Taylor, S.A.  2020. Genomic regions underlying metabolic and neuronal signaling pathways are temporally consistent in a moving avian hybrid zone. Evolution. 74:1498–1513. http: 10.1111/evo.13970

2020. Ward, N.D., Megonigal, J.P., Bond-Lamberty, B., Bailey, V.L., Butman, D., Canuel, E.A., Diefenderfer, H., Ganju, N.K., Goñi, M.A., Graham, E.B., Hopkinson, C.S., Khangaonkar, T., Langley, J.A., McDowell, N., Tzortziou, M., Vargas, R., Weisenhorn, P.B., Windham-Meyers, L. 2020. Representing the function and sensitivity of coastal interfaces in Earth system models. Nature Communications. 11, 2458 (2020).

2020. Wieder, R.K., Vitt, D.H., Vile, M.A., Graham, J.A., Hartsock, J.A., Popma, J.M.A., Fillingim, H., House, M., Quinn, J.C., Scott, K.D., Petix, M., McMillen, K.J.  2020. Experimental nitrogen addition alters structure and function of a boreal poor fen: Implications for critical loads. Science of The Total Environment.

2020.  Wood Jr., P.L., Guo, X., Travers, S.L., Yong-Chao Su, Olson, K.V., Bauer, A.M., Grismer, L., Siler, C.D., Moyle, R.G., Andersen, M.J., Brown, R.M.  2020.  Parachute geckos free fall into synonymy: Gekko pylogeny, and a new subgeneric classification, inferred from thousands of untraconserved elements.  Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. 146.106731.



2019.  Karunarathna, S., de Silva, A., Botejue, M., Gabadage, D., Somaratna, L., Hettige, A., Aberathna, N., Madawala, M., Edirisinghe, G., Perera, N., Wickramaarachchi, S., Surasinghe, T., Karunarathna, N., Wickramasinghe, M., Ukuwela, K.D.B., Bauer, A.M. 2019. Three new species of day geckos (Reptilia: Gekkonidae: Cnemaspis Strauch, 1887) from isolated granite cave habitats in Sri Lanka. Amphibian & Reptile Conservation. 13:323–354.

Center Leadership

Center Leadership

Aaron Bauer, PhD
Professor, Biology
Gerald M. Lemole Endowed Chair in Integrative Biology

Samantha Chapman, PhD
Professor, Biology

Robert Curry, PhD
Professor, Biology

Todd Jackman, PhD
Professor, Biology

Adam Langley, PhD
Associate Professor, Biology

Nathaniel Weston, PhD
Associate Professor and Chair, Geography and the Environment

R. Kelman Wieder, PhD
Professor, Biology