International Study

Since its establishment in 1986, the Office of International Studies has encouraged students to consider the many options available for study abroad in a variety of academic programs overseas, as well as enrollment in Area Studies programs on campus. There are many relevant opportunities for biology majors: within the past few years students have gone to Kenya, the Virgin Islands, England, and Australia for the summer or for entire semesters.

All students wishing to study overseas must apply to the Office of International Studies. Ordinarily, students study abroad during their sophomore or junior year. Applicants must have maintained at least a 2.7 GPA, be in good health, and have the approval of the Office of International Studies, their Department Chair, and their Dean.

The Office of International Studies coordinates several programs, including Villanova's five summer intensive language programs in Europe and Jerusalem. Other activities and events sponsored by the Office are film series, special evenings on Study Abroad, International Week, Fall/Spring Orientation seminars, and Welcome Back/Re-entry conferences.

Of particular interest to biology majors are (1) the School for Field Studies. This organization coordinates semester-long and summer programs in Australia, Kenya, the Virgin Islands, Baja California, mainland Mexico, Ecuador, Costa Rica, the Northern Himalayas, Greece, the Gulf of Mexico, and the North Atlantic, as well as a variety of sites in North America. These programs give biologists a chance to engage in intensive study in the field in areas such as marine biology, conservation ecology, wildlife ecology and management, animal behavior, ethnobotany, and plant ecology; (2) Denmark's International Studies Program. This program offers coursework and research opportunities in Biology (including marine biology, arctic biology, and environmental science and policy) and Medical Practice and Policy; and (3) the School of International Training (SIT).

Students wishing further information about international opportunities are encouraged to call 519-7325 or go to the Office of International Studies on the 1st floor of Geraghty Hall (south side of Lancaster Avenue) to arrange a meeting with the Director, Mr. Lance Kenney.

Summer School Courses Taken at Another School

School must be a 4-year degree granting college or university

Count toward your credits needed for graduation

Grades do not get factored into your Villanova GPA. You will receive a separate transcript for such courses; you can refer to these grades, and use them to recalculate your overall GPA, when applying to post-graduate programs (Med school, graduate school, etc.)

To insure that you earn credit toward your Villanova degree requirements for courses taken elsewhere:

obtain formal approval for a particular summer course in advance, from the Department of Biology (for BIO majors)

see the Department of Biology or your advisor for details