Field Study

In addition to opportunities for field work arranged through individual investigators at Villanova or elsewhere (see Research and Internships), there are also dozens of field stations around the country that offer field courses and credit for field study through many different universities. Many also offer assistantship or internship programs that provide room and board, or confer a stipend, or both. (Requirements for earning optional course credit through an internship are detailed on the web page about Internships.) It is also possible to complete a period of field study for its own sake, without earning course credit for transfer to Villanova.

Many Biology faculty members have personal experience with field stations and their programs, having been students, teachers, and researchers at some of these facilities. Below is a partial list of field stations and the names of faculty familiar with each. Feel free to talk to them about these programs and look for the posters advertising these and other programs on the bulletin boards outside of the Department of Biology office (Mendel 147) and some faculty labs (first and ground floors of Mendel).

The Organization of Biological Field Stations provides information on more opportunities for field courses and research.

Summer School Courses Taken at Another School

School must be a 4-year degree granting college or university

Count toward your credits needed for graduation

Grades do not get factored into your Villanova GPA. You will receive a separate transcript for such courses; you can refer to these grades, and use them to recalculate your overall GPA, when applying to post-graduate programs (Med school, graduate school, etc.)

To insure that you earn credit toward your Villanova degree requirements for courses taken elsewhere:

obtain formal approval for a particular summer course in advance, from the Department of Biology (for BIO majors)

see the Department of Biology or your advisor for details