Research Requirements

All students in Arts & Sciences must complete at least one course in their major that is designated as fulfilling the Research Requirement in the Core Curriculum. Students should generally complete this requirement no later than the end of Junior year. We urge students to complete the requirement as soon as possible, because the designated course are intended to help you develop skills that will pay dividends in other upper-division courses.

The Research Requirement and the Writing Requirements overlap. In other words, most courses designated as Writing Enriched also count towards completion of the Research Requirement.

List of Research Courses in Biology

Biology majors may use the following courses can be completed to fulfill the Research Requirement of the Core Curriculum. This list will evolve, so check here frequently; see also the Master Schedule in NOVASIS for additional information on a semester-by-semester basis.

BIO 3015 - Animal Behavior Lab

BIO 3105 - Biostatistics & Exp Design

BIO 3255 - Introductory Ecology

BIO 3405 - Higher Vertebrates

BIO 3485 - Marine Biology

BIO 3525 - Entomology

BIO 3755 - Parasitology

BIO 3905 - Vascular Plants

BIO 4105 - Bacterial Pathogens

BIO 4205 - Cell Biology

BIO 4285 - Developmental Biology

BIO 4305 - Evolution

BIO 4355 - Experimental Genetics

BIO 4452 - Field Ecol and Evol Lab

BIO 4505 - Molecular Biology

BIO 4605 - Neurobiology

BIO 4801 - Conservation Biology

Miscellaneous Requirements

Other Science Requirements

Two semesters of inorganic chemistry (CHM 1151/CHM 1152) with laboratory (CHM 1103/CHM 1104)

Two semesters of organic chemistry (CHM 2211/CHM 2212) with laboratory (CHM 2201/CHM 2202).

Two semesters of mathematics, including at least one semester of calculus (MAT 1312 or MAT 1500) and one of the following: MAT 1313:Statistics for Life Sciences, MAT 1314:Modeling for Life Sciences, MAT 1505:Calculus II or MAT 4310:Stat Methods.

Two semesters of physics (PHY 1100 /PHY 1102) with laboratory ( PHY 1101/PHY 1103).