Focus Areas

The Department of Biology encourages undergraduate Majors to consider including within their B.S. degree program a concentration on some focal area of biology. An important aspect of such concentration is taking courses in sequences that encourage and facilitate advanced learning about the particular subdiscipline.

Below are some focus areas that faculty members in the department recommend to undergraduate majors. For each subdiscipline below, links point to pages that provide additional information about relevant courses, notes about recommended sequencing of courses, lists of faculty members with research interests relating to the focus area, and advice about career directions for which the particular focus area provides good preparation. This list is not intended to be comprehensive; we encourage students to develop their own individual focus plan, in consultation with their academic advisor, in cases where the subdisciplines listed here do not match student interests and goals.

Miscellaneous Requirements

Other Science Requirements

Two semesters of inorganic chemistry (CHM 1151/CHM 1152) with laboratory (CHM 1103/CHM 1104)

Two semesters of organic chemistry (CHM 2211/CHM 2212) with laboratory (CHM 2201/CHM 2202).

Two semesters of mathematics, including at least one semester of calculus (MAT 1312 or MAT 1500) and one of the following: MAT 1313:Statistics for Life Sciences, MAT 1314:Modeling for Life Sciences, MAT 1505:Calculus II or MAT 4310:Stat Methods.

Two semesters of physics (PHY 1100 /PHY 1102) with laboratory ( PHY 1101/PHY 1103).