Core Curriculum - Class of 2015 and beyond



Green Book

Miscellaneous Requirements

Other Science Requirements

Two semesters of inorganic chemistry (CHM 1151/CHM 1152) with laboratory (CHM 1103/CHM 1104)

Two semesters of organic chemistry (CHM 2211/CHM 2212) with laboratory (CHM 2201/CHM 2202).

Two semesters of mathematics, including at least one semester of calculus (MAT 1312 or MAT 1500) and one of the following: MAT 1313:Statistics for Life Sciences, MAT 1314:Modeling for Life Sciences, MAT 1505:Calculus II or MAT 4310:Stat Methods.

Two semesters of physics (PHY 1100 /PHY 1102) with laboratory ( PHY 1101/PHY 1103).