Designation of Thesis Mentor

* Designation of Thesis Mentor.doc
Should be completed and submitted before the start of the 5th semester of the program (usually Fall, 3rd year). Faculty member who agrees to serve as thesis mentor will be responsible for supervision and assignment of grade in Bio BIO 8910 in that semester.

Establishment of Advisory Committee

* Establishment of Advisory Committee.doc
Should be completed and submitted after appointment of thesis mentor, and prior to completion of Thesis Proposal.

Program of Study

* BSMS_Program_of_Study-revJune2018.docx
Should be completed and submitted after establishment of advisory committee. Pertains mainly to graduate Biology courses to be taken in 4th and 5th years of the program.

Approval of Written Thesis Proposal

* Approval of Written Thesis Proposal.doc
This form (same as for M.S. degree program) must be signed and submitted at least one week before oral presentation of the thesis proposal. Completion of written proposal and oral presentation normally is expected in the 6th semester, i.e., at the end of the 3rd year of study.

BSMS Requirements and Advising Worksheet

* BSMS Requirements Advising Worksheet-revJune2018.docx
This document is to be used as a guide sheet for curriculum advising in the BSMS program.

BSMS Program Information Form

* BachelorMasterInfoForm-rev28Oct15.doc
This form must be submitted to the Graduate Dean's Office by the drop/add deadline of the student's last semester of undergraduate studies.
* BSMS-ApplicationForm_rev.doc
BSMS Application Form

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The undergraduate program features advanced course work that provides exposure to the primary literature and research in diverse areas of faculty expertise. Qualified students are encouraged to undertake research with mentors who are teacher-scholars in a variety of biological subdisciplines.