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Masters Theses

Student Name




John Cavagnaro Interpreting Color in African Herpetofauna: Visual Modelling and Fluorescent Coloration Dr. Bauer 2020
Ari A. Rice Haemosporidians across a Chickadee hybrid zone: Where birds and their parasites collide Dr. Curry 2020
Brett Oliver Butler Systematics and phylogeography of two Southwest African lizard taxa Dr. Bauer 2020
Christopher Mitchell Gecko and gecko-inspired synthetic adhesive performance in variable temperature and humidity Dr. Stark 2020
Sofia Altamirano Investigating the Developmental Origins of Sexually Dimorphic Neurons Involved in Drosophila Courtship Behavior Dr. Shirangi 2020
Emily Geoghehan Mangroves on the move: Investigating the effects of Mangrove invasion on soil processes along the Northeastern Florida coastline
Dr. Chapman 2020
Suzana Bandeira Systematic studies on the Angolan Herpetofauna   Dr. Bauer 2019
Kelly Barrett
GPER protein expression in the rat uterus in response to estrogen and the role of GPER in the estrogen-induced activation of a critical inflammatory mediator, NFkB Dr. Russo 2019
Charles Hyde
Climate change and belowground function in the marsh-mangrove ecotone
Dr. Langley 2019
Sean Lee How do soil microbial communities affect the invasion of a wetland invasive plant? Dr. Langley 2019
Grace L. Wong Investigating a genome-wide role for endogenous siRNAs in mRNA qualilty control in Caenorhabditis elegans Dr. E. Youngman 2019

Benjamin Capozzoli

Examining the Role of Mouse Ly-6A as an Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor

Dr. Bamezai


Patrick Mitrano-Towers

SMK-1 represses the transcriptional response to oxidative stress in post-reproductive adult Caenorhabditis elegans

Dr. M. Youngman


William Keilsohn

Dead bugs do tell tales:  Examining genetic variations in the Maritime Earwig (Anisolabis maritima)

Dr. Iyengar


Hayden Davis

Investigation into the diversity and morphology of the gecko genus Cyrtodactylus on the Island of Borneo

Dr. Bauer


Evana Mortezavi

A genetic dissection of endogenous siRNA involvement in the nonstop decay pathway in C. elegans

Dr. E. Youngman


Sepideh Cheheltani

Studies of Activation, chilling injury, and ice crystal growth-towards cryopreservation of Zebrafish Oocytes

Dr. DiBenedetto


Shannon Keating

Resolving the Diplodactylidae phylogeny using Rapidly Evolving Long Exon Capture (RELEC) loci

Dr. Bauer


Sarah Polekoff
Exploratory behavior in Black-capped Chickadees, Carolina Chickadees, and their hybrids   Dr. Curry 2018
Amber Shelton Analysis of differential gene expression in cells with altered ZC3H8 Dr. Knepper 2018
Maura Lavelle Toxicological effects of fracking fluid flowback on the developing Zebrafish embryo Dr. DiBenedetto 2018
Soumini Sengupta Investigating the role of Lipid Raft-based membrane order in CD4+ T Cell responses
Dr. Bamezai 2018
Gifty Abane Rising temperatures influence invasive plant species dominance and phenology Dr. Chapman 2018
Caitlin Bauer Interacting effects of genotype and the environment on nitrogen response of tall-form Spartina alterniflora Dr. Langley 2018
Stephanie Trimboli Exercise-induced oxidative stress in Swiss-Webster mice: Effects of training and adaptive responses Dr. Olson 2017
Sarah Hopkins Characterizing the role of SMK-1 as a key transcriptional regulator during the oxidative stress response in adult Caenorhabditis elegans Dr. M. Youngman
Julia McMahon Effects of the Norepinephrine and Dopamine Reuptake Inhibitor, Bupropion and the Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor, Fluoxetine on Larval Zebrafish Locomotor behavior and development
Dr. DiBenedetto 2017
Jonathan DeBoer Comparative ecological niche modeling in the New Caledonian Gecko genus Bavayia Dr. Bauer 2017
Katherine Keenan Estrogen and Bisphenol A affect expression of certain target genes in the Rat Hypothalamus and Pituitary
Dr. Russo 2017
Gabriella Santone The Bacterial SSTM2803 and SSTM4270 Genes: Characterizing targets in the pool of unexplored genes Dr. Wilson 2017
Krupa Patel
Activity and evolution of a protein secretion system: Analysis of the cloned Salmonella SPI-1 Type III system Dr. Wilson 2017
Akshay Patel Investigating the cytokine-mediated death mechanisms following activation of the GPI-anchored cell surface protein Ly-6A on transformed T Cells Dr. Bamezai 2017
Kelly Olsen Role of Brd2 in the transient wave of hematopoiesis within the posterior blood island of the developing Zebrafish embryo
Dr. DiBenedetto 2017
Mikah Schlesinger Potential alterations of the Methane cycle in Alberta Peatlands in response to elevated nitrogen and wildfires Dr. Vile 2017
Lindsay Bair Panicum virgatum (switchgrass) as an agent for Phytoremediation of lead contaminated soils Dr. Chapman 2017
Mark Eastburn A Lion, a Lamb, and a Hyena:  Comparative studies of the diets and behaviors of three Jumping Spider Species Dr. Curry 2017
Robert Driver Hybrid index as a predictor of hatching success and Haldane's Rule in hybridizing Chickadees
Dr. Curry 2017
Elena Koumis

Investigating the functions of DAF-16 age-dependent transcriptional targets as identified from RNA-sequencing in C. elegans

Dr. M. Youngman 2016
Chelsea Barreto

Uncovering the impacts of Mangrove encroachment and warming on microbial community composition and function

Dr. Chapman 2016
Arianna L. Kuhn Systematics of the Namib day geckos (Squamata: Gekkonidae: Rhoptropus) Dr. Bauer 2016
Mikhail Chavis

Phylogeny and population genetics of New Caledonian geckos and skinks for the Isle of Pines Region and Ile Walpole

Dr. Jackman 2016
Justin Bernstein

Phylogenetic analysis, species identification and delimitation of New Caledonian geckos and skinks using DNA barcoding

Dr. Bauer 2016
Jeffrey Weinell Systematics and phylogeography of the Trachylepis varia (Squamata: Scincidae) species complex Dr. Bauer 2016
Daniel Paluh Comparative morphology of the quadrate bone within Gekkota: Phylogenetic and functional implications
Dr. Bauer 2016
Gregory Clement Wildfire legacy effects at elevation: The interaction of disturbance, soil carbon and nitrogen properties, and interspecies competition in the Adirondack Mountains Dr. Chapman 2016
Aaron Griffing Developmental osteology of parafrontal bones in Aristelliger and Teratoscincus (Squamata: Sphaerodactylidae) Dr. Bauer 2016
Alexander Mott Investigating a potential role for heat shock proteins in salinity acclimation of Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis Dr. Russell 2016
Ashveen Bains Are the kilE genes essential for IncPβ plasmid stability? Dr. Wilson 2016
Erin M. Neal Thiamine's effect on glucose metabilism in Candida glabrata Dr. Wykoff 2016
Julia M. Stuart N mineralization and nitrification in Alberta bogs as a function of time since wildfire and increasing anthropogenic N deposition
Dr. Wieder 2016
Alison A. Walsh Charge differences between AMuLV measured through viral clearance using anion exchange chromatography Dr. Bamezai 2016
Christopher Cangelosi Analysis of expression and function of the cloned SPI-1 type-III secretion system and associated substrates in Salmonella Typhimurium and other bacteria
Dr. Wilson 2016
Titian Ghanforoush
Identifying locations that optimize the conservation of phylogenetic diversity of endemic squamates in the Grand Sud, New Caledonia
Dr. Jackman 2016
Rachel Skinner Phylogenetic relationships of the Pachydactylus Geitje (Sparrman 1778) species complex (Squamata:Gekkonidae)
Dr. Bauer 2016
Benjamin R. Karin Phylogeography and evolution of three species of Eutropis from Borneo
Dr. Bauer 2016
Jackie L. Childers Phylogenetics and phylogeography of Southern African Sand Lizards Pedioplanis (Sauria: Lacertidae) Dr. Bauer 2016
Walter Bakun Role of lipid raft-based membrane order in signaling through the antigen receptor in primary CD4+ T Cells: Investigating the mechanism
Dr. Bamezai 2016
Christopher Roche Social structure among resident Carolina Chickadees (Poecile carolinensis) and irruptive Black-capped Chickadees (P. atricapillus) Dr. Curry 2016
E. Alexander Rohtla The call of the gecko: an acoustic and morphological examination of gecko vocalizations
Dr. Bauer 2016
Kaitlin Allen Phylogenetics and phylogeography of Central and West African Trachylepis Skinks Dr. Bauer 2015
Kevin Neal Population structure and spatial genetic diversity of lizards of the Province Sud, New Caledonia:  Implications for conservation in a mining-impacted region
Dr. Bauer 2015
Fatemeh Jalali Observation of damage to Stage V Zebrafish oocytes during slow and rapid cooling Drs. Karlsson & DiBenedetto 2015
Kristi Dodbiba Rapid estrogen signaling through the GPER involves the activation of AKT and NFkB signaling pathways Dr. Russo 2015
Daniel McHugh Investigating the potential age-dependent regulation of DAF-16- mediated stress resistance by SMK-1 in Caenorhabditis elegans Dr. M. Youngman 2015
Alex Kuczmarski Transcriptional rewiring of starvation signal transduction pathways between Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Schizosaccharomyces pombe Dr. Wykoff 2015
Melissa Pastore Nitrogen retention and greenhouse gas mitigation of a brackish marsh under global change Dr. Langley 2015
Katherine Freeman Impacts of habitat fragmentation, parental care, and social context on reproductive success in the White-breasted Thrasher Dr. Curry 2015
Christie Eldredge Parental attentiveness in Carolina Chickadees (Poecile carolinensis): field study of a component of songbird personality   Dr. Curry 2015
Dylan Taylor Georeferenced atlas and catalog of Libyan reptiles Dr. Bauer 2015
Andrew Kathriner Biodiversity and phylogenetics of Lessor Sunda geckos, with emphasis on the Cyrtodactylus fauna of Timor-Leste Dr. Bauer 2015
Katherine A. Bell The role of FLIZ1 in regulation of GATA-3 in Estrogen receptor negative cell lines   Dr. Knepper 2015
Cheryl Doughty
Carbon storage and coastal protection: Uncovering the potential impacts of Mangrove range expansion Dr. Chapman 2015