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Student Club: VSBMB


VSBMB: The Villanova Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

VSBMB is a recently formed student organization for our Biochemistry majors.  This group, lead by students in the Biochemistry Program and advised by faculty members, is active throughout the school year and is engaged in academic, service, and social activities. Villanova's chapter is an official member of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology's Undergraduate Affiliate Network.   

In addition to regular club meetings, highlights of VSBMB activities include:

  • The Biochemistry students have developed and implemented a Mentoring Program in which upper level majors are paired with incoming students into the program.
  • Regular participation in Villanova’s Martin Luther King Day of Service.
  • Periodically take part in the PAGES program (Philadelphia Area Girls Enjoying Science) leading 6th grade girls in various science experiments. (pictures below)
  • VSBMB students are actively involved in community outreach through Youths in Engineering in Science, where volunteers engage weekly with young students in science experiments.   They also take part in Schoolhouse Science, which provides an opportunity to teach chemistry lessons at an elementary school. 
  • Social with the Chemistry club at the end of the school year.


For more information, please contact either of the faculty advisors, Dr. Aimee Eggler or Dr. Dan Kraut.  

Villanova Biochemistry at a Glance

mendel science center

Degrees Offered: BS

Core Faculty: 14

Undergraduate Majors: 100 (each incoming class has approximately 25 students)

Equipment: Complete array of modern instrumentation.

Building:  Mendel Science Center