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July 2018: Congratulations to the Wykoff lab on their latest publication! The paper, “Dynamic Changes in Yeast Phosphatase Families Allow for Specialization in Phosphate and Thiamine Starvation,” is in the journal G3.   

January 2018:  Kudos to the Wilson lab for the first publication of the new year in the Program of Biochemistry! Read more about their work with Salmonella pdu genes.  Well done!

December 2017: Congrats to the Wykoff lab on their publication in ACS Infectious Disease! The work was done in collaboration with Dr. Catherine Grimes (Villanova Chemistry alumna), who is a faculty member in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at the University of Delaware. 

Dr Amon talk

October 2017: We were thrilled that Dr. Angelika Amon from MIT joined us as the speaker for the 2017 Program of Biochemistry Distinguished Lecture Series. The title of her talk was, ""Effects of aneuploidy on cell physiology and its role in tumorigenesis”

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