Biochemistry Minor

The Biochemistry minor provides students the opportunity to gain an introduction to the knowledge of the structural and functional attributes of cellular components and products, develop skills in experimental approaches useful to exploring these molecules, and achieve an understanding of the reasoning required to analyze biological and biochemical processes.


Minor Requirements:

To complete the minor, a student must achieve a 2.0 GPA in completing the following courses:

BIO 2105 (General Biology I), BIO 3351 (Genetics), BIO 4505 (Molecular Biology), CHM 4603 (Biochemistry Techniques & Practices I), CHM 4604 (Biochemistry Techniques & Practices II), CHM 4621(Biochemistry I), CHM 4622 (Biochemistry II), CHM 4623 (Biochemistry III), including required prerequisite courses



Villanova Biochemistry at a Glance

mendel science center

Degrees Offered: BS

Core Faculty: 14

Undergraduate Majors: 100 (each incoming class has approximately 25 students)

Equipment: Complete array of modern instrumentation.

Building:  Mendel Science Center