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Villanova Public Observatory

Villlanova Public Observatory

Following extensive renovations, the Villanova Public Observatory, on the 4th floor of the Mendel Science Center, is once again open for business. 

The observatory houses a 14"  Celestron CGE telescope with a Schmidt-Cassegrain optical design and a selection of eyepieces for optimal observing.  The finder scope is a 4" Televue-102 refractor.




Weather permitting, the Observatory is open Mondays thru Thursdays  7-9 PM EST on regular class days throughout the Fall and Spring semesters.  We typically open at the beginning of the second week of classes each semester and shut down after the last day of classes.   What does "weather permitting" mean?  Basically, if you can see stars, the weather is permitting!

The Observatory is open to the public, so bring your friends and neighbors. For special group arrangements, please contact Larry DeWarf (  The 4th floor of the Mendel Science Center can be reached by stairs or elevator.  Once there, follow the signs to the Observatory.  A helpful astronomy major will generally be available to rescue anyone who gets lost.


Click HERE to see what's happening at the Observatory right now!