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Carol Ambruster Memorial Fund

Carol Ambruster

The Society for Cultural Astronomy in the American Southwest (SCAAS) has established the Carol Ambruster Memorial Fund, in tribute to former Villanova University Department of Astrophysics & Planetary Science faculty member Carol W.  Ambruster.  

Carol arrived in Villanova in 1978 as an Assistant Professor and retired in Fall 2011.  She died tragically in December 2013.  During her astronomical career, Carol specialized in the study of late-type dwarf stars, with a particular interest in the magnetically-fueled coronal and chromospheric activity observed for these classes of objects.  She utilized a host of astronomical resources in her studies, including the International Ultraviolet Explorer satellite, the Hubble Space Telescope, and the Einstein X-ray satellite.  Carol was also a pioneer and a passionate researcher in the field of archaeo-astronomy, with a particular interest in the astronomical references left behind by the ancestral Pueblo peoples who inhabited Chaco Canyon in northwest New Mexico about 1000 years ago. 

The fund will be used to provide research grants to help support further study of the Chaco Canyon site. The Department of Astrophysics & Planetary Science has donated $2500 to help “seed” this fund.  Friends, acquaintances, and colleagues of Carol Ambruster are invited and encouraged to also contribute.  Donations can be made on-line at the SCAAS website (  Alternatively, a mail-able donation form can be obtained from the Department of Astrophysics & Planetary Science.  Contact Kathy DeMara (610-519-4820;