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Jason A. Cardelli Memorial Award for Undergraduate Research

Jason A. Cardelli

The Jason A. Cardelli Memorial Award for Undergraduate Research is presented to a graduating Astronomy & Astrophysics major whose body of undergraduate research work exhibits particularly high standards of independence, originality, and quality.  The award is named for former Departmental faculty member Jason A. Cardelli (1955-1996).

Jason Cardelli was a faculty member in the Department of Astrophysics & Planetary Science from January 1995 until his sudden death by heart attack in May 1996.  As an astronomer, Jason specialized in studies of the interstellar medium, including measurements of the gas-phase composition of interstellar “clouds” and the optical properties of solid-phase dust particles in interstellar space – both lending insight into the chemical evolution of the Milky Way galaxy.  Jason loved doing astronomical research.  He was original, creative, energetic, and thorough in his work.   As a person, Jason was warm, witty, and open.   He had an opinion about everything and was always happy to share and debate those opinions.  Jason’s friends, both within the Department of Astrophysics & Planetary Science and elsewhere, still remember him vividly.  The Cardelli Memorial Award was created to honor Jason, to help keep the memories alive, and to share the memories with those not fortunate enough to have known him.  (A complete obituary can be  found in

The current cash value of the Cardelli Memorial Award is approximately $2,000.  Contributions to the Cardelli fund are still being accepted.  For additional information, please contact the Departmental Office at 610-519-4820. 


Recipients of the Cardelli Memorial Award:


1997          Dirk M. Fabian

1998          Steven Margheim

2001          Joseph M. dePasquale

2002          John J. Bochanski, Jr.; Jeremy F. Sepinsky

2003          Lisa M. Winter

2004          Joel A. Urban

2005          Ryan A. Hamilton

2008          Nicholas P. Hollom; Robert T. Zellem

2011          Ronald-Louis Ballouz

2013          Alexandra Bisol; Allyn J. Durbin

2014          Cole C. Johnston

2015          Savannah R. Jacklin

2016          John J. Ruby IV

2017          Valerie Bernstein; Marcus Katynski

2018          Elizabeth A. Johnson

2019          Giannina Guzman; Joseph Michail