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Edwin F. Bailey Scholarship Award

Edwan F. Bailey

The Edwin F. Bailey Scholarship Award is presented annually to a rising sophomore Astronomy & Astrophysics major who has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement in their first year in the major.  The award is named for dedicated amateur astronomer Edwin F. Bailey (1907-1986) - telescope builder, astronomy educator, and close friend of Department founder Fr. Edward Jenkins.

A Philadelphia native, Edwin F. Bailey turned a boyhood love of the nighttime sky into a lifetime of astronomical service and achievement.  He was a self-taught lens grinder and telescope builder, and, in 1936, was one of the founding members of the Franklin Institute’s Amateur Telescope Makers section.  In 1937 he began a 37- year employment at the Franklin Institute and, in 1958, became the Assistant Director of its Department of Astronomy.   Bailey was also a long time member of the Rittenhouse Astronomical Society.  The Bailey Scholarship Award was established by Bailey’s widow, Eleanor Vadala Bailey, in recognition of his deep ties to Villanova’s astronomy program.   He helped instruct close friend Fr. Edward Jenkins in the art of lens grinding and telescope making, and the two constructed Villanova’s first telescope, mounted in the Tolentine Hall observatory.

The current cash value of the Bailey Scholarship Award is approximately $10,000.    Contributions to the Bailey fund are still being accepted.  For additional information, please contact the Departmental Office at 610-519-4820. 

Photo Credit: Rittenhouse Astronomical Society


Recipients of the Bailey Scholarship Award:


1997          Colleen K. Henry; Michael E. Stump

1998          Derek R. Caputo; Benjamin T. Conroy; John J. Bochanski, Jr.

1999          Jeffrey C. Tracey; Joel Urban

2000          Jolleen K. Miller; Kelly J. Kolb

2001          Ryan T. Hamilton

2002          Sarah L. Lakotas; John T. Marcy; Adric R. Reidel

2003          Sean M. Foran

2004          Jennifer M. Carlton; Nicholas P. Hollom; Robert T. Zellem

2006          Heather Stewart; Stephen Perno

2007          Ian Bozant

2008          Ronald-Louis Ballouz

2009          Janine A. Myszka

2010          Allyn J. Durbin

2011          Anna C. Marion; Cole C. Johnston

2012          William E. Watson; Scott L. Michener

2013          John J. Ruby, IV

2014          Eric N.Aldieri; Valerie E. Bernstein; Griffin B. Werner

2015          Elizabeth A. Johnson

2016          Joseph M. Michail; Keri A. Salanik  

2017          Augustus Most  

2018          Tyler R. Kline

2019          Grace E. Chiodo; Thinh H. Nguyen