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Spring 2021

Discussion on Anti-Asian Violence: 3/25

discussion on anti-asian violence flier with date, time and zoom link

Join us for a discussion on Anti-Asian violence.

Zoom ID: 981 1845 6989

Living & Working as an Expat in Japan: 3/2


Vincent Garcia, VU Alum

Special Guest Speaker: VU Alumni Mr. Vincent Garcia

Join us to hear Mr. Garcia share his Japan life experiences:

  • Studying Japanese at Villanova
  • Teaching English in the countryside via the JET Program
  • Getting an MBA in Kyoto

Date: March 2 (Tuesday) 2021 6PM – 7PM (EST)

Zoom: Please contact Kei Walsh ( for the zoom link

Chinese and China: A Discussion Among Teachers and Students: 3/5


Wednesday, March 3rd,  5:00-6:00 PM

Zoom Meeting ID: 487 657 9898

Please join us for a discussion about Chinese and China among professors and students. This event will be hosted by Professor Hailin Zhou, Director of Asian Studies. Our guest speakers are Professor Thomas Noel (GIS), Professor Fred Young (VSB), and Professor Jesse Frey (Department of Mathematics and Statistitcs). Their talks will be based on the following quotes.

Professor Thomas Noel
Professor Thomas Noel

Professor Thomas Noel, Global Interdisciplinary Studies, CLAS

My teacher is the Way, and so should I concern myself with whether or not one was born before me, or after me? Thus, there are none who are honorable and none who are lowly, there are no elders nor juniors; wheresoever the Way resides there also a teacher resides --- Hanyu


Professor Fred Young
Professor Fred Young

Professor Fred Young, Economics, Villanova School of Business

"Act on something before it happens, control it before it becomes chaotic."--- Laozi

「為之於未有,治之於未亂。」--- 老子

"Understanding that what we know nothing about is real understanding."--- Zhuangzi

Professor Jesse Frey
Professor Jesse Frey

Professor Jesse Frey, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, CLAS

「故知止其所不知,至矣。」--- 庄子

“Isn't it great to take what we've learned and put it into practice every day?” --- Confucius

学而时习之,不亦说乎?--- 孔子

“Almost everyone has some knowledge or some characteristic that I could learn from.” --- Confucius

三人行,必有我师。 --- 孔子

Contact Information

Dr. HaiLin Zhou

Director, Asian Studies
Teaching Professor, Chinese Studies
Garey Hall Rm 34
Phone: (610) 519-6996

Ms. Joyce Harden
Administrative/Events Assistant
Garey 036
Phone: 610-519-6302