Asian minor

MINOR (15 credits/5 courses) 

Required courses: 

5 courses, at least three of which with the ASN attribute to be chosen in consultation with and approved by the Director of the Asian Studies Program.  Coursework must be done on more than one Asian country and in more than one discipline.  Only language courses above the first-year level may count towards the Minor, and no more than two study abroad courses may count. 

Asia is a dynamic world region and its cultures and societies are a complex mix of both ancient traditions and modem ideas. Asian Studies is an interdisciplinary program that helps students understand the diverse histories, politics, economies, cultures, religions, arts and literatures of Asia. Respect for the differences among peoples and cultures flows naturally from engaged study of the wider world. 
Asia has the fastest growing economy in the world and is the birthplace of many of our new technologies. Asia is rapidly changing, democratizing, and internationalizing in ways that present both perils and possibilities for people across the globe. 

The Asian Studies Program offers Villanova undergraduates not only specialized knowledge and appreciation of a region that has had, and will undoubtedly continue to have, a profound impact on the material and spiritual wellbeing of human life but also prepares them to play their own roles in the Asian Century. 

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