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Asian minor

Minor in Asian Studies

Asian Studies is an interdisciplinary program that helps students understand the diverse histories, politics, economies, cultures, religions, arts and literatures of Asia. In the Villanova Asian Studies Program, undergraduates learn to examine the world and themselves through the lens of another language and culture. The program encourages in-depth study while also promoting more general inquiry into fundamental issues, such as cultural difference and its social and political implications. The program offers them not only specialized knowledge and appreciation of a region that has had, and will undoubtedly continue to have, a profound impact on the material and spiritual wellbeing of humanity but also prepares them to play their own roles in the Asian Century.

Academic Program Requirement

The Minor in Asian Studies is open to all undergraduate students at Villanova University. The requirement for the Minor is a minimum of 5 Asia-related courses to be chosen in consultation with and approved by the Director of the Asian Studies Program.

**3 Chinese or Japanese courses + 2 additional courses from other programs

· Coursework must be done on more than one country in Asia (e.g. China, Japan, Korea, India, etc.);

· Coursework must be done in more than one discipline or department (e.g., Political Science, History, Religion, Psychology, Marketing, Economics, Global Interdisciplinary Studies, etc.);

· Only language courses above the first-year level may count towards the Minor;

· No more than 2 study abroad courses may count towards the Minor.

· One Internship in abroad may count towards the Minor.