CHI 1121 Intermediate Chinese I (Fall) & CHI 1122 Intermediate II (Spring)

CHI 1131 Advanced Chinese I (Fall) & CHI 1132 Advanced Chinese II (Spring)

CHI 1133 Advanced Chinese III (Fall) & CHI 1134 Advanced Chinese VI (Spring)

CHI 3412 Top: Chinese Culinary Culture (Fall)

CHI 3412 Top: Chinese Film (Spring)

CHI 3413 Chinese Calligraphy (Spring)

CHI 3412 Top: Translation & Research (Fall)

CHI 5900 Independent Study (Fall and Spring)

CHI  2143-015 Chinese Culture (Online, Summer)


JPN 1121 Intermediate Japanese I(Fall) & JPN 1122Intermediate Japanese II (Spring)

JPN 1131 Advanced Japanese I (Fall) & JPN 1132 Advanced Japanese II (Spring)

JPN 1133 Advanced Japanese III (Fall) & JPN 1134 Advanced Japanese IV (Spring)

JPN 2143 Japanese Animation (Fall)

JPN 2144 Japanese Culinary Culture (Spring)

JPN 2102 Japanese Film (Spring)

JPN 2100 Japanese Literature in English Translation

JPN 2215 Women in Asia

JPN 3412 Special Topics (Fall and Spring)

JPN 5900 Independent Study (Fall and Spring)

COM 3403 Intercultural Communication (Spring)

COM          Intercultural Communication (Summer in China)

HIS 4320  Modern East Asia (Fall)

HIS 4325 Top: Modern China (Fall)

HIS 4335 Top: Modern Japan (Spring)

HIS 1155 Top: Across the Pacific (Fall/Spring)

HIS 4395 Top: Asia- Korean Civilization and Culture (Spring)

HIS 4365  Modern India and Pakistan (spring)

HIS 8452  History of Modern South Asia

GIS 4286 Global Culture: Bridging Cultural Conflict (Fall)

GIS 4283 Global Tea Culture (Spring)

GIS 4281 The Tale of Shanghai and Tokyo (Fall)

PSC 1200 International Relations (Prof. Suzuki Fall and Spring)

PSC 2330 East Asian Politics (Fall)

PSC          Introduction to Comparative Politics (Fall/Spring)

PSC 2390 Indian & South Asian Politics (Fall)

PSY          Cross-Cultural Psychology (Fall)

SOC 4000   Socio-Political Change: Modern India (Spring)

                    (It also counts as political science course.)

THL 5270    Religion in India and South East Asia (Fall)

VSB          International Marketing and Trade (Asia Focus: Fall)

VSB          Fundamentals of Asian Business (Spring)

ECO 3108 Global Political Economy (Asia Focus: Prof. F. Young) (Fall/Spring)

ECO 4200 Transitions of China’s Economy (Summer in China)

VSB          Korean University Summer Program (Summer in Korea)

Contact Information

Dr. HaiLin Zhou

Director, Asian Studies
Associate Teaching Professor, Chinese Studies
Garey Hall Rm 34
Phone: (610) 519-6996

Ms. Joyce Harden
Administrative/Events Assistant
Garey 036
Phone: 610-519-6302