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Recent Graduates

Art History Graduate

Katie Lee ('16)

I graduated from Villanova in May 2016, with a BA in Art History and a minor in Psychology, an education which has geared me for success in post-college life. My background in art history has provided me with the ability to think critically and to challenge notions about our visual culture, what these notions represent, and how they are interpreted. I believe that Villanova’s art history curriculum –  which emphasizes the studying of various art theories and methodologies – has allowed me to examine our rich visual culture from multiple perspectives. The subsequent understandings of the artistic world that my education has afforded me has not only lead to professional success, such as prestigious internships and graduate school prospects, but has also developed in me a greater presence of mind. I find that I am able to more thoroughly enjoy life, because I am more familiar with the cultural and historical significance of the art that surrounds me in the day to day. For example, I no longer passively walk by a beautiful building, but rather am fascinated by the significance such a work of architecture could have had upon past generations, and the inspiration it may provide to future ones. 

In terms of academics, my writing, research, and analytic skills have developed tremendously, especially through the crafting of my senior thesis. As a former Nursing major, I have always found it difficult to effectively translate my ideas onto paper. However, through much practice, and with the encouragement and constructive feedback of Villanova’s wonderful Art History faculty, I now find it much easier to communicate concepts and ideas in an articulate yet accessible way. I am utilizing these skills as I apply to graduate schools, and am confident that my analytic and writing capabilities will only continue to develop and mature as I grow as a student and as a person.

Kathleen Pierce

Kathleen Pierce ('12)
PhD Program in Art History at Rutgers University

After graduating from Villanova with a BA in Art History and French in 2012, I left for a year to work in France. There, I taught English at three elementary schools. While my experience studying French language contributed to my work, I was surprised by the degree to which other, seemingly less related moments of my time at Villanova filtered my experience. Walks with colleagues through the Vauban-designed, fortified, old town, bolstered by recollections of lectures on architecture, helped me connect and form relationships within my new community; similarly, my time tutoring at the Villanova Writing Center and volunteering at the Northern Home after school program in Manayunk, PA, directly facilitated my navigation of trying times in the classroom. After returning to the United States, I began a PhD program in Art History at Rutgers University, where I work on 19th century French art and visual culture. The Art History coursework I completed at Villanova—especially the opportunity to compose an in-depth senior thesis with the support of my professors—has proved fruitful and perennially helpful both in and out of the classroom as I continue to narrow my analytical focus. 

Kaitlin Sullivan

Kaitlin Sullivan ('10)
Attorney Training and Development at Dechert LLP

Studying history taught me to write effectively, think analytically and speak persuasively. These critical skills are practical, applicable and highly valued in today’s workplace. As a part of Dechert’s Global Legal Talent Department, I facilitate the professional development of lawyers through the design, delivery and assessment of professional training programs. The skills I gained as a history major at Villanova gave me foundation to succeed professionally.