Lectures and Faculty Development Workshops

Teaching with the Confessions App Book: A Practical Workshop (Made possible by a VITAL Mini-Grant). Please plan to attend one (1) session:


  • Wednesday, September 21st starting at 1pm: Mendel 103
  • Thursday, September 22nd starting at 1pm: Mendel 103
  • Friday, October 21st starting at 2:30pm: SAC 103

Friday, September 30th

(1:30-3pm; Corr Hall). The first Faculty Development Workshop will be held in conjunction with the Hebrew Bible Study Group.

"How is the old Testament like the Hebrew Bible (Torah) and how is it different?  Join us for a workshop in which we will untangle the relationship between these parallel texts, tracing their shared origins.  A discussion of Genesis 3 read outside of a Christian context will illustrate how the same words can mean different things in different traditions."


The Barbieri Lecture Series  presents Dr. Kristie Schlauraff

“‘A Strange Multiplicity of Sensations’: The Odd Body in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein”

March 13, 2017

4:30 p.m.

103 B St. Augustine Center

Refreshments will be served


Dr. Ian Clausen and Student Karen McGuire
Dr. Ian Clausen and Student Karen McGuire. Prof. Clausen will mentor Ms. McGuire who will be doing research as a summer resident.