The Heart of an Augustinian Education

There are four foundational courses in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences:

• The Augustine and Culture Seminar (ACS 1000/1001)
• Faith, Culture, and Reason (Theology and Religious Studies1000)
• Knowledge, Reality, Self (Philosophy 1000)
• The Good Life: Ethics and Contemporary Moral Problems (Ethics 2050)

The Foundational Courses address four intersecting questions which will guide you on your path through your experience here at Villanova and beyond. The four questions are:

• Who am I? (ACS)
• What can I know? (Philosophy)
• What do I believe? (Theology and Religious Studies)
• How should I live? (Ethics)

Through the Foundational Courses, students will also receive a deep exposure to the writings of St. Augustine of Hippo, one of the most significant thinkers in world history, and the patron saint of the Augustinian Order here at Villanova. Each of the Foundational courses will introduce students to different aspects of his works.

Why are these courses considered foundational?

• They offer four central foundational questions;
• They are built on a foundation of significant books and ideas that
   have shaped human culture;
• They are grounded in the Augustinian and Catholic intellectual    tradition;
• They provide a foundation of essential skills: close reading, critical writing, analytical discussion.

Through these courses, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences provides the distinctive stamp of a Villanova and Augustinian education.

Dr. Ian Clausen and Student Karen McGuire
Dr. Ian Clausen and Student Karen McGuire. Prof. Clausen will mentor Ms. McGuire who will be doing research as a summer resident.