Anna Cardelfe '17 is Having a Fashionable Summer as an Intern

anna cardelfe

Already accepted into the Master’s of Communication program at Villanova, Anna Cardelfe ’17 CLAS is gaining valuable editorial experience this summer with an internship with Michael Kors. A Communication major with a specialization in Journalism, as well as a double minor in English and Writing and Rhetoric, Anna was accepted into the MA/BA program and will start following her senior year. Anna said, “I believe having the opportunity to study communication on a deeper level at Villanova will only benefit me in my search for public relations and editorial positions in the upcoming years. I hope to at some point work for a mobile magazine or a major PR house – I’m excited to see what the upcoming years have in store!”

What is your internship and where? What are you doing for your internship?

My internship this summer is at Michael Kors in New York City where I am thrilled to be a part of the Editorial team. The Michael Kors editorial team has opened my eyes to the world of fashion copy and all of its different aspects. I have been given the opportunity to manage all MK social media platforms and posts, review and create press releases, sit in on pitch meetings, as well as write copy description for various different Michael Kors products and collections.

How did you find out about the internship?

I found the internship on LinkedIn. Michael Kors offers various different internship positions in each one of their departments. After doing my research on the Michael Kors Internship program, I knew I wanted to be a part of the Editorial department as an extension of my studies at Villanova. I applied through the application provided on LinkedIn and was contacted by a Human Resources recruiter to come in for an interview.

How have your studies in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences helped you in and prepared you for your internship so far?

My studies in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Villanova have been extremely important to my success at Michael Kors this summer and in my other internships. Personally, I feel as if Liberal Arts is one of the most unique College’s at Villanova because of the vast exposure students receive in their courses. By focusing on fine tuned communication skills, analytical writing and research etc. students are able to take learned skills and directly apply them to their work, no matter the type of field. My strong base in communication allowed me to hit the ground running and accept immediate project responsibility at Michael Kors because I knew how to conduct myself and work within a professional atmosphere. I have my Liberal Arts professors and courses to thank for helping me develop into a well-rounded speaker, thinker, and student. I don’t think my internship at Michael Kors would have been nearly as fulfilling if I didn’t have the tools Villanova has provided me with to help prepare me.

Where are you originally from?

Originally from New York City but moved to Spring Lake, New Jersey when I was six!


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