Fulbright Focus: Spirit of Adventure Leads Lauren Rutherford '13 to Colombia

lauren rutherford

Openness, hard work and a spirit of adventure all helped Lauren Rutherford ’13 CLAS (Political Science) during her time at Villanova and in her application for a 2016-17 US Fulbright Student Grant. Now, as a Fulbright Research Scholar, Lauren will be taking those same qualities with her to Colombia.

“Part of the fun of the Fulbright is the openness of the research and daily life during your time abroad,” said Lauren. “Although I have an idea of where the grant will take me, so much is still undetermined. I will be working with a Colombian university and a women’s clinic to research women’s reproductive rights in Colombia and the wording that’s been used in certain laws. I think hands on volunteering, researching, and living in the field has the potential to do so much for my later career.”

In addition to her major in Political Science, Lauren minored in Communication, Spanish Studies and Honors. She points to the diversity of classes that she had to take in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences as helping to make her who she is today.

“I took everything from Microbiology to Gender Studies, Statistics to the Politics of Immigration. I can’t act as if I always loved it at the time while in school, but looking back, the diversity of my courses contributed to my wide array of interests today and - I hope - made me a more well-rounded person.”

She also credits her extracurricular activities which pushed her out of her comfort zone and allowed her to become associated with tight-knit groups of people. Two of these activities were when she interned with a legal group for a semester in Madrid, Spain and a Fall Break trip to Kingston, Jamaica.

Following her Fulbright, Lauren plans to earn a Master’s in Public Health and work for an international or government organization.

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