Summer of Biotech for Marta Biase '17

Marta Biase

Marta Biase ’17 CLAS, a Biology major with a concentration in Ethics and Health Care, is working this summer as a research intern at Georgetown University Medical Center. She is a native of Rockville, MD.

What are you doing as a research intern?

This summer, I am working in a lab at the Georgetown University Medical Center. Under the instruction of Professor Robert Donahue, I am completing experiments for a lab course that is part of the curriculum for a Master’s in Biotechnology. I began by learning a variety of basic lab techniques, and as the weeks progressed I am now focusing on more advanced lab work such as cloning a gene and purifying plasmid DNA. I look forward to my work each day, as there is always something new to discover.

How did you find out about the internship?

My uncle has a business connection to the director of the Master’s in Biotechnology Program, Jack Chirikjian, PhD. I met with Dr. Chirikjian to find out more about the Master’s program and during this informational interview he offered me the opportunity to intern in one of his research labs this summer.

How have your studies in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences helped you in and prepared you for your internship so far?

I have gained invaluable experience from my science professors at Villanova. In the past three years I have taken a number of lab courses which have given me confidence in a lab setting. In my Microbiology course I completed experiments similar to some I have worked on at Georgetown. It was exciting to perform these experiments again as this time I was able to focus on refining my skills and understanding the experiment rather than just following a protocol. Time management and attention to detail are crucial in the lab setting. I employ such skills in all of my courses, and using them in the lab lead to great success.

What are your long-term goals?

In the future I hope to pursue a career in the Life Sciences/Biotechnology Industry. I plan to obtain a Master’s degree in Biotechnology with a concentration in business.

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