Fulbright Focus: Cherisse Smith Aspires to Career in Education

Cherisse Smith

Cherisse Smith ’14 CLAS (History) calls her 2015-2016 U.S. Fulbright English Teaching Award to Macau “the perfect merging of my personal and academic interests, as well as my career goals.” She believes her Fulbright experience will help broaden her perspective and be instrumental in continuing her journey into the field of education. “I am hopeful that my time in Macau will assist me in bringing educational material authentically to life for my future students.” 

Cherisse is well prepared for her time in Macau, a small peninsula in mainland China, thanks to the Asian Studies Program at Villanova.  She cites Dr. Masako Hamada (associate professor, Japanese Studies) for her ability to always keep the learning process fun and tailored to all learning stydles. “She helped build my confidence in what I believe to be a pretty difficult language,” Cherisse says.  Dr. Andrew Liu (assistant professor, History) also made an impact. “He made learning about Late Imperial China engaging and created an atmosphere in which I felt comfortable participating and voicing my opinions.”

While at Villanova Cherisse presented at the Elizabeth Cady Stanton Gender and Women’s Studies Conference and was a contributor and bibliographical researcher to The Ardmore Project: Suburban Life in the Early 20th Century.  She also enjoyed being part of Phi Sigma Pi, the gender inclusive honors fraternity, and Villanova Student Musical Theater.

Cherisse says the most rewarding and memorable aspect about attending the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences was receiving what she calls “a stimulating and robust education.”

“I took classes like Caribbean Literature, the Science of Art, Islamic Mysticism and the History of Medieval Europe, to name a few,” she says. “It kept me on my toes and provided me with unique perceptions about the world around me.  I feel like a better-rounded individual, and I have CLAS to thank for that.”

Meaningful Success

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