Eleanor Byars '17 Gains Real World Experience

eleanor byars

This semester Eleanor Byars ’17 CLAS is an intern in Comcast’s corporate communications department. She is a Communication major specializing in Public Relations and Organizational Communication with a minor in Sociology.

1)  So far, what part of the internship has had the most impact on you?

Working in the corporate communications department at Comcast has given me a great insight into the corporate world of media and messaging with all the exciting new product announcements we have at Comcast.  My time here has given me an unparalleled real world experience with PR, and I'm so glad I've had the chance to work with such incredible communication professionals. 

2) How the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has helped you with your internship?

The curriculum of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has a strong focus on developing writing and communication skills, which has been instrumental in preparing me to be a part of the Corporate Communications team.

3)  Have you had previous internships? If so, what were they?

I worked in a real estate office two summers ago, and the same department I am in now at Comcast last summer. 

4)  What other activities are you involved in at Villanova?

I am in Chi Omega and on the Intellectual Climate Committee for SGA. I just got back from studying abroad in Cadiz, Spain for the semester. 

5)  What has been your favorite class so far?

My favorite classes thus far are Schools as Organizations, which I am taking this semester with Dr. Jared Bishop and my ACS classes freshman year with Dr. Bob Styer.

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