Problem Solver Patrick Long '16 Gains Education and Experience

patrick long

His experience as a resident assistant, vice president of the student body and as a “problem solver” in Facilities Management at Norristown State Hospital may come in handy if Patrick Long ’16 CLAS (Mathematics, Classics) decides to pursue a career in the law.

“I like to fight for people which is a skill I need to have for law school,” said Patrick. His skills for debate and argument have been developed through his Classics courses as well as through the Augustine in Culture Seminar course.

“I wasn’t too sure about ACS,” said Patrick. “At the time I was taking a lot of classes. But, then I had a meeting with my professor, Dr. James Wilson, and he asked me why I was taking so many courses. He encouraged me to relax and learn. ACS encouraged me to do things on my own and I became inquisitive by going to the library and exploring more.”

Patrick also gained experience when he presented solo at the Ethics of War Conference. His co-presenter was absent at the last minute and he had to present on the permissibility of drone warfare. In the audience was Michael Walzer, an author whose arguments Patrick was using, along with Vietnam War veterans who were asking him questions and challenging him.

“ACS helped me to identify arguments and how to support them,” said Patrick. “My whole education in CLAS has helped with this.”

Meaningful Success

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