Adetola Ajayi '16 One Step Closer to Law School

adetola ajayi

Previously Adetola Ajayi ’16 CLAS (Philosophy) served as the Public Relations intern for the First Judicial District. You can read about her internship here.      

With law school in sight, Adetola Ajayi ’16 CLAS (Philosophy) is one step closer to her career aspirations. This semester, she is working as an intern with the district attorney of Philadelphia. Adetola works in the Juvenile Division on the Truancy Initiative, a program for Philadelphia students ages 12-14 that is meant to change the way they think about education. As one of six interns, Adetola also has the chance to sit with the assistant district attorney during court proceedings and can attend open sessions at the Criminal Justice Center.

The contributions Adetola brings to the internship are reflective of the education and opportunities for leadership and service she has pursued at Villanova. She is the founder of the Pre-Law Society, which helps other students connect with the District Attorney’s Office, and is currently the president of African Caribbean Villanovans. Adetola also believes her decision to major in Philosophy is reflective of her natural inclination to engage in deep thinking and her desire to write and reflect.

“I feel like Philosophy chose me,” Adetola said. “Part of my love of Philosophy is that there isn’t one answer. Philosophy is very relevant in terms of people and how people interact with each other. It allows me to step out of my comfort zone and be able to articulate a thought. You learn how to articulate yourself because we are always reading and writing.”

A native of Willingboro, NJ, she has even been able to incorporate skills from an acting course she took. Adetola finds that acting is not so much learning how to be someone else, but is meant “to learn different facets of yourself,” a concept she is trying to incorporate into her courtroom exposure as an intern.

In the future, Adetola is hoping to pursue her interests in educational law policy, education research or bio-ethics.

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