From Supernovas to Socrates: Eric Aldieri '17

eric aldieri

For Villanova Presidential Scholar Eric Aldieri ’17 CLAS (Philosophy, Humanities), the Augustine Culture and Seminar (ACS) was instrumental in discovering his academic path and purpose.

Eric started at Villanova with the intent of studying Astrophysics. He even researched Type 1A Supernovas as a Villanova Undergraduate Research Fellow during the summer between his freshman and sophomore years. This changed, however, after Eric took his freshman ACS class with Humanities professor Mark Shiffman, PhD. Dr. Shiffman’s thoughtful and inspiring commentary on Eric’s papers began shifting Eric’s perspective towards the Humanities. Additionally, he felt drawn toward the Humanities and Philosophy courses when registering for classes. In light of this newfound interest Eric declared his double major. His favorite courses have included Marxist Critical Theory and the Philosophy of Contemporary Music.

Eric has further benefitted from Villanova’s core classes through participation in the Ethics Bowl. Every year the Villanova Ethics Program, mentored by Mark Wilson, PhD, sends a team of five students to compete in the Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl. Students must work through 15 complex, real life scenarios and present their argument against other teams. “It’s a great way to apply what you’ve learned in core classes,” Eric said.

Eric is also an active student on Villanova’s campus. He helped to form the Villanova University Interfaith Coalition, a group of students that come together to educate and inform the University community about the various religious traditions on campus. Eric is also a Villanova Ambassador and hosts a radio show on WXVU Radio.

In the fall, Eric will be applying to graduate programs in Philosophy and possibly the Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program.

Meaningful Success

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