Sage Baisden '16 Goes Behind the Scenes

sage baisden

Sage Baisden ’16 CLAS (Communication) is taking on the broadcast industry this semester as a web intern for FOX29 as she pursues her enthusiasm for writing.

The Brooklyn native is looking to pursue web-based journalism or print media that includes an online component. At FOX29, Sage has the unique opportunity to learn the ins and outs of working in a hard newsroom, along with the hard work and patience it takes. She is tasked with desk editing, putting together online packages and also has the opportunity to write every day, skills that she believes will be beneficial later on.

“In other web departments you wouldn’t get the opportunity to do things not web based,” Sage explained. “I get to go out with reporters and film. I don’t think that’s an opportunity I would get somewhere else. They really encourage you to learn all parts of the process for broadcasting.”

Sage credits her writing skills to her classes as a Communication major and English minor. She was influenced by her Intro to Journalism class and her time abroad during her junior year in Leeds, England. The interpretive framework of an English language course in Leeds made her very conscious of how she writes.

She describes herself as a “big writer” and not only finds the broadcast environment fun but that it satisfies her strong interest in writing. The ability to write freely is very important to her. She enjoys the consistent writing component as a web intern, which is teaching her to truncate her writing while practicing journalistic style.

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