Caitlin Bungo '16 Sees Dreams Become Reality at Startup

wild mantle

Caitlin Bungo ’16 CLAS (Communication) is embracing her “entrepreneurial spirit” this semester through an internship with Wild Mantle, a recent startup company that designs luxury, loose-fitted detached hoods (Caitlin is wearing one in the photo).

“Each day I watch as thoughtful sketches on paper turn into quality products you can wear and love,” said Caitlin, whose entrepreneurship dreams have grown in the past four years. “My internship with Wild Mantle has given me the opportunity to work beside someone who is currently fulfilling that dream.”

Caitlin credits her ability to take part in the startup industry to her experience with a Liberal Arts education at Villanova. With Wild Mantle she has taken part in marketing products, managing inventory and finances, designing future products and brand development.

“Working in a start-up company is exciting because you get experience in various areas,” Caitlin said. “The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is similar in that it urges students to take classes that aren’t limited to one field.”

caitlin bungo

“I’m grateful for the well-rounded education I’ve received, and continue to realize its benefits on a daily basis,” Caitlin said. “Seeing the whole journey has really encouraged me to believe that ideas can become a reality.”

Caitlin is a member of the Women’s Cross Country and Track and Field teams and is involved with the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, Student Athlete Leadership Institute and Lambda Eta Pi.

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