Pre-Law Student Finds Intangible Benefits in Internship


Adetola Ajayi ’16 CLAS (Philosophy) of Willingboro, New Jersey is not only an involved Villanovan but also a determined student with an avid pre-law track interest. Adetola was able to pursue this in the fall semester as a Public Relations intern for the First Judicial District.

“The most enjoyable days in my internship are the ones where I attend court proceedings at the Criminal Justice Center,” Adetola said. “When I attend court, I witness how different constituents in the courtroom function to make the proceeding run smoothly. Each actor --the judge, court clerk, the counsel--all work to maintain the structure of the court.”

She also enjoys her time at Sunday Breakfast Mission where she helps to serve food to homeless men in Philadelphia.

As a PR intern Adetola was charged with a whole host of tasks. She developed concepts for informational and promotional programs and assisted the Public Relations Officer to provide background and factual material to press, radio and television. Additionally, she performed research, attended FJD meetings, press conferences and ceremonial events, and wrote community interest pieces for publication. Even with the ample and varied work, Adetola has found gratification engaging with law practice.         

“I think that having an unpaid internship has allowed me to find other intangible benefits through my internship,” Adetola said. “Rather than focusing on monetary compensation, I have found more value in workplace culture and how the type of people I work with can affect my productivity. I have also been able to get more involved with learning about the legal system from a judiciary standpoint, which is extremely interesting.”

She has also brought her interest in law to Villanova’s campus. Adetola recently founded a chapter of the Pre-law Black Law Student Association. The club seeks to foster the profession of law among individuals of Black ancestry as well as individuals who have an interest in legal issues relevant to the Black community.

Adetola is also the President of African Caribbean Vilanovans, teaches inner-city students through Ruibal and Rays of Sunshine and recently gave a speech to thousands of prospective students about her experience at Villanova.  

Meaningful Success

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