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Young Alumni Circle

Young Alumni Circle

The Young Alumni Circle offers undergraduates of the past 10 years a way to give back through incremental levels of support each fiscal year. Members help raise the bar for academics, athletics and student life, making the Villanova experience ever more valuable and meaningful.

As a part of this annual giving society, members receive special invitations to exclusive events, along with recognition in Villanova’s annual Honor Roll of Donors.

Young Alumni Circle Gift Levels

Fiscal Year 2021 (June 1, 2020-May 31, 2021)

Class Year One-time
Gift Amount
Monthly Gift Amounts
(July - May)
2020 $100 11 gifts of $9.10
2019 $200 11 gifts of $18.19
2018 $300 11 gifts of $27.28
2017 $400 11 gifts of $36.37
2016 - 2011 $500 11 gifts of $45.46

Choose What Works for You

No matter the method, your gift will have a tremendous impact on the Villanova community.

  • Make a one-time gift to the area(s) of campus that is most meaningful to you.

  • Monthly recurring credit card payments are an easy and affordable way to reach Young Alumni Circle gift levels. Please contact us to learn more!

  • If you work for a matching gift company, your employer’s match will count toward your Young Alumni Circle gift.


Young Alumni Circle Donor Testimonials

Diana Mergiotti '09 LAS

Diana Mergiotti '09 CLAS

I'm a member of the Young Alumni Circle because...

After transferring to Villanova after my freshman year, I instantly felt all of the excitement and joy of truly loving my university. Giving back to 'Nova after graduating was an easy decision because the school gave me so much-academically, personally and spiritually-in three short years. I will continue to support the University because I want future students to have as wonderful a college experience as I did.

Ron Dukes '12 VSB

Ron Dukes '12 VSB

I'm a member of the Young Alumni Circle because... 

Proverbs 3:27 says: “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it.” As a product and recipient of Villanova's Center for Multicultural Affairs, I am paying forward a gift of thanksgiving. This gift will serve as a dedication to the monumental impact the Center's services have placed upon my life. Not only have they blessed me, but the office has been an incredible blessing to countless students from all walks of life. 


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