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Donor Spotlight: Faith Ferguson and Ron Boire

Ron Boire, David Polman '16 and Faith Ferguson

After his sophomore year, David Polman ’16 CLAS, participated in the Summer Business Institute (SBI) offered by the Villanova School of Business (VSB) to gain more hands-on business experience. David thrived in the program–benefitting from connections with VSB faculty and students across campus. As a biology major, he was introduced to new methods of critical thinking and analysis that carried over in his studies in science. His mother, Faith Ferguson, could see the tremendous impact the experience had on him and how it would help in his future career search. Faith, an entrepreneur and special events business owner, knows the value of a strong foundation in the basics of business. 

A member of the Parents Executive Committee, Faith was so impressed by David's experience in SBI that she and her husband, Ron Boire, created the first endowment for the program to offer scholarships to participants. “Our hope is that other students will attend the Summer Business Institute and gain the same skills and knowledge that David did," Faith said. "SBI graduates are well-rounded and better equipped for careers in today's competitive markets."

SBI is a full-time, 16-credit program created exclusively for non-business majors that focuses on finance, economics, accounting, marketing and corporate responsibility. Since its founding in 1997, SBI has educated more than 1,400 students.