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You can have an impact on the student-athlete experience by helping our varsity program pursue projects and initiatives that give our Wildcats the competitive edge in all they do.

Deeply rooted in Augustinian values, Villanova University Athletics is dedicated to developing its student-athletes intellectually, professionally and spiritually, while they achieve at the highest levels of competition. Fierce determination and competitive spirit push them to succeed. And when all of our student-athletes are driven toward greatness, they motivate each other. Intertwined with this common purpose, Villanova Athletics continues to build on our legacy of excellence.

The Villanova Athletic Fund (VAF) is an integral part of the fabric that strengthens that legacy. Creating opportunities for our student-athletes and teams, while connecting our alumni and building for the future, have all been key pillars to our success. We provide over 500 student-athletes with the opportunity to be successful on and off the field while supporting the priorities of head coaches and the vision of the director of athletics.

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Brian Beacham
Associate Director of Athletics Development