Student Internships

Marta Biase

"This summer, I am working in a lab at the Georgetown University Medical Center. Under the instruction of Professor Robert Donahue, I am completing experiments for a lab course that is part of the curriculum for a Master’s in Biotechnology. I began by learning a variety of basic lab techniques, and as the weeks progressed I am now focusing on more advanced lab work such as cloning a gene and purifying plasmid DNA. I look forward to my work each day, as there is always something new to discover. I have gained invaluable experience from my science professors at Villanova. In the past three years I have taken a number of lab courses which have given me confidence in a lab setting. In my Microbiology course I completed experiments similar to some I have worked on at Georgetown. It was exciting to perform these experiments again as this time I was able to focus on refining my skills and understanding the experiment rather than just following a protocol."
Marta Biase '17 CLAS, Biology Major
Research Intern, Georgetown University Medical Center

Mark Orebiyi

“This summer I had an internship with Michael Baker International in their Alexandria, Va. location. The company is a global leader in engineering, planning and consulting. I worked on projects with FEMA and PennDOT—mostly on conceptual designs for BMPs (best management practices) to try and reduce effluent nitrogen and phosphorous levels in Chesapeake Bay. The internship was a great experience and plan to pursue a full time position in the near future."
Mark Orebiyi '17 COE, Chemical Engineering and Applied Mathematics Major
Intern, Michael Baker International

Maureen Paglia

“I work to produce and host live shows for patients to watch on the hospital's television network. It’s a really fun way to get the patients involved and entertained. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers an array of different courses in the media production field, which has helped prepare me for this internship. I think the combination of hands-on and theory based classes has helped me improve both the technical skills and the interpersonal communication skills that are necessary to do my job.”
Maureen Paglia '17 CLAS, Communication Major
Patient Media Programs Intern, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Lilly Haddad

"These students do not have the opportunity to go to school, but the Azrou Center allows them to come to class for informal education with a goal to be reintegrated into the schooling system. I chose to become one of America’s Unofficial Ambassadors because I wanted to immerse myself in a new culture while being able to build relationships and get to know the people that live in my host country. I also wanted to be able to volunteer and have the opportunity to intern with an organization that works with community and international development. All of my classes at Villanova have contributed to my learning and gaining a global viewpoint, which has grown even more in Morocco."
Lilly Haddad '18 CLAS, Political Science Major
Intern, Azrou Center for Community Development in Morocco

Patrick McNulty

“I spent most of my time interning with the camera department and learning what truly goes into making each shot, scene and sequence for the show. I spent time with assistant directors, grips, stunt departments and shadowed the director and assisted on location scouting. With a Liberal Arts education, I believe that we are taught how to adapt and change to any given situation and personalities that one might find in the professional working world."
Patrick McNulty '17 CLAS, Communication Major
Production Intern, Woodbridge Productions/Sony Pictures

madison meyer

“I interned for Iluna USA, a company that works in the production and sales of textiles. I worked with the marketing and sales team and was able to travel to Europe for the 2016 Interfeliere fashion show in Lyon, France. I also did a 3D printing project to 'print' lace and helped to remodel their showroom. It was an invaluable experience.”
Madison Meyer ’18 VSB
Intern, Iluna USA

Matt Lindenmuth

"This summer I worked with in the Office of the Secretary. For the election we are in charge of all of the delegates going to the Democratic Convention. I also write policy memos and track super delegates. My education from CLAS has really helped develop me into a well-rounded person so being able to be flexible in any situation is an asset I've developed. Also, the Political Science department has helped prepare me to have a lot of knowledge in my field.”
Matt Lindenmuth '17 CLAS, Political Science Major
Intern, Democratic National Committee

Kelly O'Neill

"This summer I have been very fortunate enough to take part in the 10-week Mayo Clinic Summer III nurse extern program at the main campus in Rochester, Minn. The Mayo Clinic externship is unique because, as a Summer III, you are not a patient care technician; rather, you work side by side with a registered nurse whom you’re assigned to for the summer. I have had the opportunity to work with a diverse patient population, who have traveled to Mayo Clinic from all around the world, as well as patients ranging from young adults to geriatrics. I am honored to have learned from an organization that truly puts the patient first and hope to bring these lessons and skills back to Villanova and incorporate them into clinical. Above of all, I have gained more empathy for patients than I ever knew was possible.”
Kelly O'Neill '17 CON, Nursing Major
Summer III Nurse Extern, Mayo Clinic


"I promoted special education awareness and services by conducting digital marketing and social media projects to improve community outreach. The courses in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are incredibly relevant topics that are applicable in the working world."
Aidan Borillo '17 CLAS, Communication Major
Marketing Intern, Essential Learning Group in Shanghai

"This past summer I was fortunate enough to have an internship at Morgan Stanley in New York City. This opportunity was presented to me by my mentor through the VSB Mentorship program. It was great experience to be immersed with such a dynamic wealth management group. Throughout the internship, I was able to meet and network with many Villanova alumni across various financial fields."
Nicole DiPaolo '18 VSB
Intern, Morgan Stanley

Stories adapted from publications of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the College of Engineering, the Villanova School of Business and the College of Nursing.