Ronnie Abbazio '18 VSB

Ronnie Abbazio '18

In the winter of Ronnie’s senior year of high school, he was still deciding between two schools: Villanova and Georgetown.

“I visited both campuses and liked them both. Nothing was pulling me in one direction or the other,” Ronnie said.

That was until he joined his classmates on a senior trip to Italy.

On the trip, he discussed his dilemma with a teacher—who just so happened to be a Villanova alumna. She connected Ronnie with her college roommate—Kathy Byrnes, Associate Vice President for Student Life.

One hour-long conversation later, his decision was made. And he never looked back.

That encounter emphasized for Ronnie how a single relationship can lead to new opportunities. It’s a lesson he holds close as a member of the Student Alumni Association, which provides opportunities for students and alumni to connect. “We have such a great group of students with wonderful camaraderie and we get so much done together,” Ronnie said. Yet his outreach to alumni and fellow students doesn’t stop there. As a junior this year, he is serving on the Senior Class Gift Committee to help champion student philanthropy across campus, and—last summer—he volunteered during Reunion weekend.

 “It was just amazing to see the number of people. Their desire to come back to campus really means something and I enjoyed seeing people’s reactions to the ongoing campus transformation and hearing stories from their days at Villanova,” Ronnie said.

Ronnie is currently working on a double major in economics and political science—an interdisciplinary opportunity that spans the Villanova School of Business and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. He’s also a member of the Outdoors Club and works on campus with the Management and Operations department in VSB.

This summer, Ronnie looks forward to spending time at home in Lindenhurst, NY, completing an internship before returning to Villanova for his senior year.

“Villanova has been such an incredible place for me and I look forward to coming back when it’s my time for Reunion Weekend.”