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  • Emily Hughes '11 CLAS '12 MA

    Emily Hughes '11 CLAS '12 MA

    The Villanova experience encourages students to dream big and supports them as they realize those dreams. Just ask Emily Hughes ’11 CLAS, ’12 MA.

  • Center's Success in Developing Real Estate Leaders

    Center's Success in Developing Real Estate Leaders

    Created through a generous investment from Villanova Trustee Daniel DiLella ’73, the Daniel M. DiLella Center for Real Estate has grown into a superlative resource for students seeking real-world experience in real estate. Discover one student's perspective on the impact of continued support from alumni, parents and friends.

  • Making a Difference in Costa Rica

    Making a Difference in Costa Rica

    Thanks to a gift from the Durham family during the Villanova Campaign to Ignite Change, Eileen Lamble '19 was able to volunteer for a service trip to Costa Rica and discovered an entire way of life different from her own.

  • Performing Arts Center: A Dream Becomes a Reality

    Performing Arts Center: A Dream Becomes a Reality

    The highly anticipated Performing Arts Center is a $60 million project funded entirely through donor contributions. Discover the dream that is becoming reality through the generosity of thousands.

  • A Rising Business Expert Comes Home

    A Rising Business Expert Comes Home

    When embarking on her teaching career, Villanova alumna Caitlin Dillon Dannhauser, PhD, '05, the Michelle and Sean Traynor ’91 Assistant Professor in Finance, sought a top university where she could continue her research.

  • Reimagining the Finneran Pavilion

    Reimagining the Finneran Pavilion

    Did you know that the Finneran Pavilion renovation is entirely donor-funded? Jay Wright, the William B. Finneran Endowed Athletic Fund Head Coach, reflects on the impact of your generosity.

  • A College Named, A Legacy Affirmed

    A College Named, A Legacy Affirmed

    The late M. Louise Fitzpatrick, EdD, RN, FAAN, Connelly Endowed Dean of Nursing, was deeply committed to her students, colleagues and alumni. She sought to learn each name, to remember each face, to know the personal details and recall them, even decades later.

  • Nathan Cheong '18 COE

    Nathan Cheong '18 COE

    Baseball and video games: Two things you might expect to hear from a senior talking about his college experience, but usually not about his academics. For Nathan Cheong ’18, they have been central to his achievements in the College of Engineering and have inspired solutions that carry real-world impact.

  • Heather Ward '17 VSB

    Heather Ward '17 VSB

    “I graduated three days after I won the primary.” Heather Ward, '17 VSB added campaigning for her local school board to her list of senior activities.

  • Kirsten Eversen '18 CLAS, '19 MA

    Kirsten Eversen '18 CLAS, '19 MA

    Kirsten Eversen ’18 CLAS, ’19 MA is looking forward to a busy May. The senior from Chester, NJ will finish her undergraduate classes, take her final exams, walk at graduation and then come back to head the 2018 Reunion Crew. She says she wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Branden Garrett '19 COE

    Branden Garrett '19 COE

    Branden Garrett is an engineering student; he is also an artist. Although he wouldn’t necessarily call himself one, this bubbly junior from the College of Engineering has been creating art for years.

  • Gianna Perez '19 CLAS

    Gianna Perez '19 CLAS

    From the moment she came to Villanova, Gianna has taken advantage of opportunities to do undergraduate research and serve in leadership roles for student organizations. She credits her success to the support and resources available to her on campus.

  • Shayla Frederick '18 VSB

    Shayla Frederick '18 VSB

    Shayla serves as the Student Chairperson for Orientation and spent her summer planning activities and workshops for these new Villanovans. Shayla recalls how much she enjoyed her Orientation and why she chose to become a Wildcat.

  • Samantha Schafer '17 COE

    Samantha Schafer '17 COE

    Samantha Schafer ’17 COE and fellow students had devised a way to repair the exterior of a 120,000-gallon water storage tank in a town in Panama that they would visit over the '16-'17 academic winter break.

  • Thomas Saldutti ’17 COE

    Thomas Saldutti ’17 COE

    The idea of a Villanova community garden first piqued the interest of Thomas Saldutti '17 COE when he was living in the Environmental Leadership Learning Community his freshman year. Graduating this May, Saldutti will be able to see the garden come to life as the planning for the Villanova Consortium for Agriculture Research and Education (VCARE) presses forward.

  • Katrina Garzón ’18 CON

    Katrina Garzón ’18 CON

    Katrina is a Villanova Nurse with a passion for helping others in her community and around the world. She's also a leader on campus working with RUIBAL and the Student Nurses' Association of Pennsylvania.

  • Victoria Henck ’17 COE

    Victoria Henck ’17 COE

    Victoria is a Villanova Engineer who is jumping into the real world this summer with a strong engineering foundation and commitment to sustainability. Victoria is also a proud member of the Villanova Pep Band and loves cheering on the 'Cats.

  • Amber Shelton ’17 CLAS, ’18 MS

    Amber Shelton ’17 CLAS, ’18 MS

    Amber is graduating this spring with degrees in French and Biology, but her Villanova education isn't over yet. She's pursuing her master's in Biology through Villanova's five-year BS/MS program which will accelerate her career in pediatric oncology.

  • Brady Acton ’18 VSB

    Brady Acton  ’18 VSB

    Brady is an entrepreneur you're going to want to follow. A junior VSB student, he's already co-created four apps and has been involved in three patents and he's just getting started. He even founded his own app consulting non-profit aimed to help other college students.

  • Ronnie Abbazio '18 VSB

    Ronnie Abbazio '18 VSB

    Ronnie's Villanova story begins on the other side of the world with a chance alumni connection in Italy. Today, Ronnie is studying economics and political science, while keeping busy volunteering with the Student Alumni Association and Reunion Crew.

  • Jessica Ritchie '17 VSB

    Jessica Ritchie '17 VSB

    Special Olympics have been a big part of Jessica's Villanova experience and serving as Festival Director this year, she works hard to create a memorable Fall Festival experience for more than 1,000 athletes and 5,000 volunteers from across the state.

  • Students Score Big with Super Bowl Ad Research

    Students Score Big with Super Bowl Ad Research

    While many of us watch Super Bowl commercials purely for the entertainment value, a group of 55 VSB students and their professor, Dr. Charles R. Taylor, have a much different—and more insightful—perspective

  • Gillian Hixson '19 CLAS

    Gillian Hixson '19 CLAS

    When I started at Villanova, I didn’t know what type of career I would pursue, but I did know one thing—I wanted to continue exploring my love of service.

  • Student Internships

    Student Internships

    Villanova students were busy this summer completing summer internships at organizations like Georgetown University Medical Center the The Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania.

  • Catherine Considine '17 CON

    Catherine Considine '17 CON

    Catherine Considine, a junior from Stamford, Conn., was skeptical of the “ah ha” moment so many people spoke of when finding a school they love, that is until she walked onto Villanova’s campus for the first time and experienced it herself.

  • Hannah Drazan '19 COE

    Hannah Drazan '19 COE

    Hannah Drazan ’19 COE was one of four Villanova University Engineering undergraduates—an unprecedented number from one school—selected to participate in the 25th annual Citizens for Space Exploration (CSE) trip to Washington, D.C. in May 2016.

  • Kelly O'Neill '17 CON

    Kelly O'Neill '17 CON

    This summer I have been very fortunate enough to take part in the 10-week Mayo Clinic Summer III nurse extern program at the main campus in Rochester, Minn. I applied to the Mayo Clinic believing it to be a reach, never expecting to be one of the 53 chosen out of 1,000 applicants.

  • Aaron Sandifer '16 CLAS

    Aaron Sandifer '16 CLAS

    I was surrounded by students and faculty with my same mission in life—to lead by example and share what I’ve learned with others. It was that moment that I knew Villanova could become a home away from home, and that I would have a second family here.

  • Andrew Moffa '16 CLAS

    Andrew Moffa '16 CLAS

    Working with the Office of Disability Services and LEVEL reinforced Andrew's decision to be a special education teacher. He will spend the next year living with a host family and teaching elementary school students in rural South Korea with his Fulbright Scholarship.

  • Elizabeth Eby '18 VSB

    Elizabeth Eby '18 VSB

    I toured a lot of places, including Villanova, and liked all of them. It wasn’t until I came back to Villanova for Early Action Candidate’s Day as a senior that I really fell in love and knew this was the place for me.

  • Claire Kimilu '17 CLAS

    Claire Kimilu '17 CLAS

    Every day, I wake up and look at where I am, and I am very grateful to know that I can receive an education—not just any education, but a high quality education that a lot of my family members have never experienced.

  • Patrick Smith '16 CON

    Patrick Smith '16 CON

    As a junior, I elected to serve as a Global Impact Fellow for Unite for Sight in Ghana. This trip was made possible through the financial support and guidance from Villanova’s Center for Global Leadership, the Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships, the Davis Family Foundation, and College of Nursing professors Elizabeth Dowdell and Ruth McDermott-Levy.

  • Melissa Knouse '16 CLAS

    Melissa Knouse '16 CLAS

    When I discovered this opportunity for a summer internship [at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center], I was sold. The internship was unpaid, but the Villanova Career Center awarded me a donor-supported grant—making it possible to choose this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity over a traditional summer job.

  • Nick Carney '16 VSB

    Nick Carney '16 VSB

    I was raised for much of my life by a single mother providing for three children, so I didn’t think I would be able to afford a four-year university. Still, I applied to Villanova with the hope that I would get enough financial aid to afford it.

  • Allie Braun ’16 COE

    Allie Braun ’16 COE

    When I first stepped onto campus my senior year of high school, I was immediately struck by its beauty and warmth. I knew I wanted to come here, but I also knew that it wouldn’t be possible without some financial assistance.

  • Emily Tifft ’16 CLAS

    Emily Tifft ’16 CLAS

    Countless people at Villanova have helped transform me from a shy freshman struggling to find the courage to speak up in class to a confident senior who has lectured to a packed courtroom at the Supreme Court and led events at the White House.

  • Michael Breault ’15 VSB

    Michael Breault ’15 VSB

    Michael was honored in the Bloomberg Institute Hall of Fame for the fourth highest score in the Americas region for the month of February 2014. His exposure to Bloomberg through VSB's Applied Finance Lab and rigorous coursework contributed greatly to his performance.

  • Britney Davis ’15 COE

    Britney Davis ’15 COE

    Britney discovered Villanova University through the Leadership, Education and Development (LEAD) Summer Engineering Institute – a three week program designed to introduce high school students of diverse backgrounds to the fundamentals of engineering. A spark was lit, and Britney enrolled in Villanova University the following year.

  • Morgan Lamb '17 CLAS

    Morgan Lamb '17 CLAS

    “Having class in the new [Communication Department Multimedia Complex] studio set the tone and invited us to stretch our imagination when it came to making performance choices,” she said. “That studio evokes more than just learning, it incites exploration.”

  • Teresa Yang ’15 CON

    Teresa Yang ’15 CON

    As one of two inaugural Davis Undergraduate Summer Nursing Scholars, Teresa spent the summer of 2014 researching an app called “Circle of 6” and how it can influence safety behaviors among college women.

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