Ron Cruse '77 CLAS

Ron Cruse

Ronald “Ron” S. Cruse '77 CLAS

“Give a man a fish you feed him for day, teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime.” Ron Cruse recalls his parents sharing this expression many times as he was growing up.
“From a very young age, my parents talked to me about the importance of social responsibility and of the personal fulfillment found in helping, within the means of one's own time and financial capability, to pave a path of greater opportunity for succeeding generations.”

Despite the many demands on his time as President and Chief Executive Officer, Logenix International, LLC, Ron has found time to help others Villanovans achieve success. Cruse has founded three companies in his more than twenty five year career in the international shipping business, travelling to more than 80 countries.  His third venture, Logenix International, has assisted in the rebuilding of Afghanistan, the reconstruction of Iraq and is an integral facilitator supporting health and humanitarian assistance efforts across Africa and Asia. Cruse is the also the author of Lies, Bribes, and Peril. His highly reviewed guidebook to conducting business globally.

At Villanova, Cruse volunteers as a member of the Regional Mid-Atlantic and Southeast Campaign Committee, the Dean’s Advisory Council at the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Center for Global Leadership Advisory Council at Villanova School of Business. He established the Villanova Cruse Fellowship in memory of Sergey Kuzminykh — a University wide program that annually awards fellowships for undergraduate student involvement in potentially transformative non-traditional global study and experience, preferably in developing regions of the world.

A group of lifelong friends made at Villanova and particularly those in his fraternity Delta Tau Delta, share Cruse’s perspective of paying it forward. “Given my family and peer background, my involvement with Villanova seems to me just a very natural extension of the values I was taught by my parents and share with my closest friends.”
He shares this commitment with two of his sons who have also attended Villanova, Alexander (Bo) Cruse ’13 CLAS and Samuel (Sam) Cruse ’17 CLAS.  
Cruse adds, “I believe the unconditional acceptance and support that characterized both my time at Villanova University, as well as the individuals that were drawn there, helped me evolve during those incredibly transformative college years. Villanova is a place where a first class formal and social education was gained yielding lifelong capabilities, memories and friends.”  What could be more special?

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