Neil Scott '08 CLAS


The reasons I support Villanova are hard to describe in just a few words. Villanova has had such a positive impact in my life both personally and professionally. When I was at Villanova, I developed such close relationships with my teammates and classmates that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

Villanova is more than an academic institution. It's a catalyst for future success and, in so many ways, Villanova creates a bond among its alumni that is unparalleled across college academia today. It breeds success, excellence and, above all, love.

Whether it was the first face you saw at New Student Orientation, or the more recent face you saw when going to a Villanova wedding or alumni get-together, each Villanovan has a special bond that transcends the four years spent gaining an exceptional undergraduate education.

I give back because I want the next class and all future Villanovans to benefit from the same experience I've had.