Mindy ’92 and Mark ’94, Law ’99 Hacker


Mindy ’92 and Mark ’94, Law ’99 Hacker

Villanova holds a special place in the hearts of Mindy and Mark Hacker. The Hackers can’t imagine not being involved with Villanova.  Villanova is part of the fabric of their family as Mindy and Mark met at Villanova, and were married at the Villanova Church.  They try to raise their children based on the Augustinian values of “veritas, unitas and caritas” as they provide service to others.

At Villanova they support the Center for Access, Success and Achievement, known as “CASA”.  They chose CASA because of its focus on assisting underrepresented and first generation students. Their goal is to help ensure that Villanova is a culturally diverse home for students from all backgrounds.

Over the past summer, they hosted a lunch with nine Villanova students who graduated from Chicago’s Noble Network, a network of inner-city high schools located in low-income neighborhoods.  Each of these students has and continues to overcome tremendous obstacles to attend Villanova.  Hearing their stories of resiliency, tenacity and perseverance was a special gift for the Hacker family that continues to inspire them. Notes Mark, “We are so proud of these students, and we are proud of Villanova’s CASA for supporting and assisting them.”

Mark is a 1994 graduate of VSB with a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, and a 1999 graduate from Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law. He serves as Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Chief Administrative Officer of Motorola Solutions, Inc., leading the company’s legal, government affairs and human resources teams, as well as the Motorola Solutions Foundation. Mindy is a 1992 graduate of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. As a stay-at-home mom, Mindy has two Wildcats in training in 16 year old Madison and 10 year old Cristian and she volunteers as co-president of the local PTA.