Anita and Fred Loveland P '12, '15


The minute we walked onto the Villanova University campus in the summer of 2006, we knew that it was a special place. The Catholicism was ever present, and everyone that we encountered—from Father Peter to the students, faculty and staff—was gracious and caring. It was no surprise when our older daughter, Sarah, decided to attend Villanova for her education. Another three years and our younger daughter, Julie, would also decide that Villanova was a special place for her.  

At every juncture of our lives for the past nine years, Villanova has been there. We felt that we were part of the Villanova family from that first day forward. And we knew the Villanova community would care for our daughters the way we had when they were growing up.

Having become part of the Nova Nation, we wanted to give something back to a place that has become so special to us. That is why we chose to participate in the Graduate’s Family Endowed Fund. We can earmark our gifts to the places that matter most to our daughters and to us. We want to make sure that other families find that special place at Villanova University.